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Louisiana to ban saggy, butt-crack-exposing pants via Boing Boing.

This is really funny because many years ago I had the honor of being with the mayor of New Orleans during Mardi Gras. I distinctly remember the mayor talking about his new "moon pants". They were pants that you could easily zip down the back of and moon people from the balcony. I guess he can't wear them anymore...


Sheesh. Whatever happened to the time tested method of simply looking away and thinking happy thoughts?

I guess that the next time I visit New Orleans, I can go there in the knowledge that the city of Baton Rouge has my back when it comes to protection against unsightly butt-fissures.

Hmmm. What shall we use the power of legislation for next? Why don't we enfore the surgical lowering of ass-cracks?

I wish this fashion for low pants would end. British girls like me are too paunchy to carry the fashion off.

That´s a funny article Mike.

I personally am not into the ass-crack thing. I find even the belly button thing a bit disturbing. ;-P

I'm always interested in what's up in Louisiana
being it's the state I hail from. You can
always count on something weird or wonderful.
In the case of Mardi Gras it's both weird and
As for this latest bill...If Shepherd and
Willard weren't black I would think they were part of David Duke's kingdom,
Louisiana's almost KKK/Nazi Governor.

you shouldn't make a big deal out of someones butt crack or belly showing if you don't want your butt crack showing make sure you wear the right pants don't tell other people what kind of jeans they should be wearing its totaly wrong!!! IM a guy and if I happen to see some chick sitting on a bench and happen to see her crack I don't gawk at it its nothing really just a little crack everyone has one come on

hey im a plummer and i really dont apprieciate you exposing a fact about butt cracks because it is unpleasant. so i suggest you take that off here or else i will pull my pants up which means that i wont be a plummer no more and that is my life. holy cow i see butt crack