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I woke up at 7:30AM when my phone beeped with an incoming SMS. It was a message telling me that Min had just checked in. I forgot to turn off dodgeball and the SMS was telling me where Min was in SF and that she had checked in. Now I know why they call it "dodgeball". ;-p For those who haven't tried it yet, dodgeball is a cool new service that is a location based SNS that lets you "check in" and it sends a SMS to your friends to tell them where you are. But it's not very useful when I'm in Madrid and Min's in SF. ;-)


Rather cool i must say.
I always turn of my mobiles to silent at night, cause the sound from the vibrations will wake me up anyways if somebody calls, whilsts SMS will not :D

Joi, are you in Madrid today?

Now if you had a FOAF file in which you changed the geo: values of foaf:based_near from SF to Spain ;) I believe dodgeball does pull info from FOAFs.

Does Dodgeball infringe on Neeraj's patent?

ah, the old "you're in SF and I'm in NYC and you're still getting my messages" bug. i'll fix that this week. :)