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"etoy.DAYCARE is operating. A first group has been graduating from our camp in Amsterdam." - etoy.TALK
Unique use of 2D barcodes by etoy. Using them to match parents with their kids at etoy.DAY-CARE in Amsterdam.

etoy is an art group that won the Golden Nica in the net category at Ars Electronica in 1996.


Cool. You are one step ahead of me; I didn't get around to making t-shirts with my homepage URL in semacode yet. Though I do have one on my paper-mailbox... :D

Is that some kind of strange parody site or something? That picture looks like something out of "Brave New World," or some movie about a nightmarish totalitarian society...

I like etoy. I don't like the new MT pricing! It seems like it ignores anyone trying to build a blogging community... :(

Ken, it is a bit "twisted" but it is the point of the etoy art. The cool thing is that it is also real. They have real kids at their day care project.

I rembered etoy from way back (that domain thing, many years ago) and I knew I should have paid more attention back then. I had some good laughs while visiting their site. I couldn't quite tell how much of it was serious. Basically I think they're a bunch of big kids trying their hands at art; however, unlike "normal" kids, they don't use crayons, clay or watercolors; instead they use society and forms of organization as the raw material of their artworks. Interesting approach, to say the least.

I am not sure if I put this very well, or if my view is correct, so make of it what you will.

Anyone know what the barcode decodes to? I tried to scan it with my Sharp SH505is phone but it said that it couldn't resolve the barcode.