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I'm sure most people have seen it, but the full Red Cross report on Iraqi Prisoner Abuse is online on Cryptome.

Red Cross Report on Iraqi Prisoner Abuse


Thanks for putting the link. The contents of it are quite shocking, especially as ICRC does no tend to be aggressive in its wording. Knowing that the coalition forces have been informed since March 2003 makes things just worse. War by itself is inhumane, but there are clear rules for it to not completely go overboard.
The Geneva Conventions are binding and following them is not optional.

This report, the Berg death, the photos of Iraqi prisoner degradation at the hands of American military personnel, the leaking of American flag-draped coffin photos arriving at Dover AFB in Delaware--and the blood-soaked images of the ongoing victims of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict--coalesce in a coagulation of color-conveyed evidence that demonstrates that Bush's proclamation of "Mission Accomplished" on the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Lincoln on May Day, 2003 is laden with dyspeptic and unbearable irony.

There are ways to definitively strike the enemy at the root, but our leaders waste American lives and reputation by distastefully hacking away at the branches.

I'm not much for conspiracy theories, and for explaining abusive behavior in the context of broader policy that I know nothing about. But there's a bottom line to all this.

This looks to have been pretty horrid, and it happened on George W. Bush's watch. Where was the oversight? If one is into politics, and it seems important to have a responsible person in the Office of the Presidency, this is certainly an argument for finding a new one.