Joi Ito's conversation with the living web.

I'm off to Tokyo today. See you later Switzerland and thanks for all the cheese!


I can never go to switzerland

I have cheese issues :P

miss you kiss you send you the best of wishes!


ito sensei: it's a pleasure to do business with you ;-)

and never ever call me etoy.S-N. again - or i will send agent rock!

Hi ^.^ This is Zaku, a soldier in the US Army, talking from Iraq. I saw an article on you Ito on Yahoo today, and grew really interested in your social views of what I percieve is a new plateue in the social world. The Internet is a growing universe, which I believe will become more and more the center of our lives.

I'm envious of you, and your place in the world. I wish I could be in Japan right now instead of sitting in this dust bowl. But we all make sacrifices in life. I wish you the best. :) Wish me luck.


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