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Another funny example of scamming a scammer. This time on eBay. (PDF file of the scam | Web Site)

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UPDATE: The links above seem to be blocked now. Maybe they got too much traffic. I'm uploading the PDF here.


So where is that forum mentioned in the PDF? It would be interesting to know how it ended!

The forum in question is the Something Awful forums, available at One time $10 fee to register, and in my opinion, the best forums on the 'Net.

Hmmm "Service unavailable" is perhaps less engaging than I was looking for. Is it mirrored or archived anywhere?

Yeah, try Metafilter - they have some mirrors near the bottom of the page.

Read the thing via /.-linked mirror. If any of you guys hasn't checked this out, do so. Now. Seriously, this thing had me in tears when I got to the photos. I haven't laughed this hard in quite a while.

Which store can buy the light Notekook?
Please tell me the URL.
Thank you!

Thanks for posting the article. I needed a good laugh!