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Suw has a nice essay describing Lessig's Free Culture and the audio book project that emerged from that. It describes the whole process and really helps show Free Culture in action. It's a longish post, but worth reading, even for those with short attention spans. Her 15 word summary of this essay is:

For the terminally short of attention out there, here's my Free Culture audiobook essay in 15 words:

Free culture = more creativity
New publishing models
Download, read, buy = sales up

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Stumbled upon your blog researching free culture audiobooks. Thanks for the link. It's very appreciated. Lawrence Lessig (and the open source movement as well) are really changing the ways we view content. Never before have we shared like this. It's like we're on the verge of an intellectual milieu not seen since the days of the Medici Effect.

Anyway, will be stopping by again soon.