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Thanks to all of the newspapers that picked up the somewhat embarrassingly nice article by Yuri Kageyama of AP. AP syndication is really amazing.

One thing. The article doesn't contain links to Six Apart, Movable Type and TypePad mentioned in the article.


It was also in today's Japan Times to which I'm subscribed, prominently displayed on page 3, with a picture.

Congrats Joi! I wonder when they'll all stop calling you boyish. ;-)

I have been (almost) regularly reading your blogs for past six months and I must say the article has done justice to your all-rounder personality! Very Good ! Congrats !! Keep it up !!!

Great site! I just learned about it from the article on CNN. It was an excellent read and I will definitely continue to read you blogs!

Great story. You're a fascinating individual, and you have some great ideas and perspectives. I look forward to becoming an avid reader of your blog.

it's through those stories i found your blog - wonderful site btw! thanks for keeping us informed on those things that others aren't!

Your AP article was my introduction to the world of Web journals. Prior to this afternoon I am embarrassed to admit I did not understand the concept. The article caught my eye and my imagination. It also inspired me to start publishing my own weblog.

Pickewd up in German as well on Spiegel Online:,1518,303214,00.html

(Just noticed they have RSS feeds! Wow!!),1518,271804,00.html

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