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People have been auctioning Google gmail invitations on eBay. Jonas has set up a gmail invitation exchange for people who donate invitations and for people willing to do something "good" in exchange for an invite.

It's not free, however. If you're interested in one, comment here and let me know what you're willing to do for it. Not to me (though I am more than ready to trade for a few good massages), but to someone else. A random act of kindness, maybe? Work in a soup kitchen? Help out at a needle exchange? Or maybe you're doing that already - you'd be the ideal recipient.


Gmail Swap does that too...,1284,63524,00.html


hmm... what about the venerable ? pretty similar...

We are in the process of moving and I'm cleaning out my closet! I'm digging out tons of clothes, furniture, VHS tapes and tons of other things that I no longer use. I was thinking of doing a large garage sale, however I'm willing to make the sacrifice of having some extra cash and giving it to the Salvation Army to a needy family.

i am a schoolbus driver and i do the right thing everyday trying to help our kids be better people all a time and help them out whenever i can and being there all a time for them and i am one of those drivers that care about my kids all a time

My grandad recently passed away from cancer so i sorted all my old VHS and DVD's and PC games and took them down to my local cancer research shop I also cut the lawn for the nice old lady across my street :)

I posted to a similar board, I hope this isn't the same one. We have a "Pay it Forward" Gmail chain going. It's slow right now due to the limited number of invites we started with. We'd all appreciate you donating your invite to one of the well-deserving people on our list.

no, gmail swap is something completely different, at gmailswap people give out an invite if you give something to them personally (preferabbly money or sth precious)


you´ll get one if you do charity or donaty to a charity organisation, the inviters are not as greedy as to make a profit out of gmail for themselves

ive worked over 400 hours at habitat for humanity and continue to donate my time weekly (6-8 hours per saturday) ive once worked along side former president carter and have helped a total of 43 familys obtain a new home!

I volunteer regularly at local Planned Parenthoods counseling young women and teens. I also tutor high school kids for free for the SATs.

I maintain a website for a local youth group and coordinate a large amount of mail for them through Hotmail. I'd love the opportunity to 'upgrade' and check out gmail.

gmail invites are only 2 week trail of the gmail service. i would never pay for a 2 week trial.

--may peace be with you

can i have one?

I have a friend that would love one. She lives at home, has a "mean" stepfather. Would love to brighten her day.

I searched for sites on google for people giving GMail invites away. I found this site and would LOVE to get an invite. You see, I grew up in a poor neighbourhood in Canada where I had to wear the same Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles track pants to school everyday. Just last year (senior year of high school) my parents gave me a pair of jeans from the Salvation Army to me for my 25th birthday. I can only get free services online because of my low income. I currently have a hotmail account but since my computer is so low on memory (Windows 95 was given from relative) I have to store much of my work on an online source like my hotmail account. As we all know, hotmail does not have much room so I was wondering if I could get something larger, and that is when I stumbled across GMail and just knew that it would be my savior so if you have an invite, please help a poor man in need.

-Timmy O'Toole

(please help me, hopegfully I have made you laugh with my misfortunes)

I have 27 gmail invites today for the first 27 to email me at with INVITE in the subject line. If you miss out, don't worry your return email will be saved and you will receive an invite when I get a new batch (usually about 25 a day). Please no spam and one request per person, give everyone a chance. Duplicate email requests will effectively void your initial request, so don't do it.



you can help a cause supporting

the needy children i advertise thru a NGO organisation which helps poor children with their needs.hope you lend a hand by giving me an invite.

yours sincerely


Maybe it is not earth shaking or world changing, but I like to give in small ways that matter. We recently

bought a new refridgerator. I took the box down to the local daycare, and together with the little kids

help, we are painting it to look like a rocket ship that they can climb into and have adventures in outer

space together. We are also planning a "rocket party" with the kids when it is ready, we'll have outer space

cookies and punch with them.

Does that qualify an invite?

Please contact me at

i am willing to giv anyone a downloading source of mine in which u can download on really high speeds! u can download albums, movies, music videos and games all for free! i am also willing to giv a software in which u can make free calls to america and canada! all that just for a gmail account.

i am willing to giv anyone a downloading source of mine in which u can download on really high speeds! u can download albums, movies, music videos and games all for free! i am also willing to giv a software in which u can make free calls to america and canada! all that just for a gmail invite.

i am willing to giv anyone a downloading source of mine in which u can download on really high speeds! u can download albums, movies, music videos and games all for free! i am also willing to giv a software in which u can make free calls to america and canada! all that just for a gmail invite. my email address is

Right now, already have went to a soup kitchen, and ran for cancer. Next, i am helping my church build benches and repair it which is really time-consuming.

I help out at a group home, looking after children with disabilities whos parents cannot look after them, they love music and I am willing to put on a little concert using only my acoustic my voice. I am not the best singer, but the kids won't there you go, I'm embarrassing myself for the greater good...and gmail..


I am a beta tester with and would love to test out gmail! If you could send me 2 invites that would be awesome! One for me and my assistant! If not, thats alright! I am just trying to help google out since I know the founder personally! If you could send one, that would be awesome!



Hello. I am an active member of the AFJROTC at my high school and I have already accummulated 696 hours of community service through the program, as well as 259 on my own at my local parks and recreational centers. I am currently assissiting in a summer camp at CRP. (Cutler Ridge Park) Contact me for more information on these community service projects, so that you may confirm integrity. I am really eager to see what this GMail is all about and I would also like my Thanks much.

Sorry i have nothing to give you

Beaucse iam poor and new user

But please help me to get few Gmail invites

BE FRIENDS AND SOME DAY something good will back to



I WILL give you my heart


LOve with love


MY email is


I'm lazy, selfish, I like booze and ganja, I fart a lot and hate you all! So send me a gmail invite, you pathetic morons!

I just donated about sixty books, mostly on Japan, to the New Orleans Public Library (Algiers branch). They weren't open when I went by so I stacked them up against the front door with a note that simply read, "Please add these to your collection."

I know it's something I've already done, but I could have gotten a pretty penny for those at a used bookstore, or at the Japan Club.

I forgot the email, assholes:

Send those fukkin' invites, tossers!

Can I please get a gmail invitation. My email is

hey if anyone has any spare nvites it would be great to get one.thanks
email me at

if anyone is feeling generous enough then please send me an invite i will be forever in your debt, my email is

Anyone got an invite for me? is it better than

Send me an gmail invite and i will create a word,and/or a name for you....
Or i can do a portrait of you or a loved one, perhaps some poetry thats anything but...


that is a word that i made up as a name to remind myself of my DARK side and what not to be, and at the same time not take mysewlf overly serious. It is a combination of the below words.

n. pl. au•toc•ra•cies
1. Government by a single person having unlimited power; despotism.
2. A country or state that is governed by a single person with unlimited power.

lu•di•crous adj.
Laughable or hilarious because of obvious absurdity or incongruity. See Synonyms at foolish.

Ludocracy ( Geno)

A name to remind myself of what not to be or embody in my character and actions and to think before I act on foolish ideas. Also, the cracy from autocracy, I am a government of one and in control of decisions and actions…Unless I decide to be the Ludocracy

1 entry found for ludo.
n : a simple board game in which players move counters according to the throw of dice.


My email is

Spykyu is spy ( to look into) and Q. (kyu) The question is the answer, only u can ask, and answer within...

Another reminder to myself..

So, spend an invite to gmail on a creative soul, and some word art for yourself...

Plz spare me one gmail invite if you still have anymore left.

Thanks for your kind consideration.


sir i want gmail account

1. Email Address you can be contacted by (Optional)
2. Number of Invites
3. Thing(s) you want in return (Optional, this can include Riddle Answer, Posts on a forum, or quite simply, nothing. If left blank, it will be assumed as nothing.)
4. Any other information you might want (or need) to include

1. ricpans[AT]

2. 40

3. contact me if interested, I am then gonna send you a couple of jpg pics which are scanned A4 sheet of papers of spreadsheets I have to fill in Excel for a uni project I am currently enbarked on: if you fill a spreadsheet for me, I give you a Gmail invite. Filling a spreadsheet form takes 30 mins about. Trust me, it is easy and you get a gmail in return.

4. Trust me: you may think it is not worth spending 30 mins of you time, when other people are giving away invitations for free. But those others may not be reliable. I promise you will get the Gmail invitation in return very quckly. I check my email many times a day!

Please, if anyone has spare time to fill some of these forms for me, you would greatly help me.
Thanks a lot.



Could anyone please send me a gmail invite



I'm a creative graphic designer and I'd be willing to donate a design (logo, webpage layout, etc.) to the next cash poor, entrepreneur that crosses my path.

Hi, I'm a professional fundraiser for charities. I frequently donate my time to set up fundraising processes in small charities who can not afford to hire a professional. I have donated time to animal shelters, small theatre companies, children's legal assistance charities, and community centres in poor neighborhoods. I'd appreciate someone sending me a gmail invitation to



please can you send me a g mail invite. if you do i will be so happy and work at soup kictens and if you dont i will still work there

thank you

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