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I'm at Eva Baudet's office right now helping her get her blog started. (She's writing her first post now.) She's a member of the Finnish Parliament and a member of the Swedish People's Party. She's a fellow GLT and I met her first in Davos. I've been coming to Finland almost every month these days and Eva's been educating me about Finnish and European politics. Finally I get to teach HER something. ;-)

Good luck on your blog Eva, and I hope you can keep it going!

Thanks to Boris for the design.


I wish my goverment take's blog seriosly. I think I gota move away...


Any chance you convince some Spanish politicians to start their own blogs?

I can provide you with the names and the email addresses, no problem.

I started out reading "Gay, Lesbian, Transgender"...

(not that I have any problem with that. I was just surprised.)

Another lamb to the slaughter. Heh.

You just have to see this picture it’s sort of gross but really really funny

Support Howard Stern

Her first comment was somewhat interesting. Her second was somewhat of a troll. Ah, welcome to blogging!