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Nokia asked me to be a guest speaker at their annual press event, Nokia Connection 2004. I was the only outside speaker and they told me I could say what I wanted. What a treat. ;-)

A summary of my presentation:

sharing++ open++ customer_oriented++ user_empowering++ blogs ++

DRM-- "pipes"-- "terminal devices"-- traditional_marketing--


Sadly, "Sharing" and "Open" still have a long way to go in the corporate world.

New capaign line:

"Eliminate the Middleman. Just don't eliminate us."

Congratulations for that one. I just started listening and when they said "Joichi Ito" I thought ... eh, wait a minute, I know that name ;)

Looking forward to hearing your part.

The presentation. Quite slow. Still downloading.

What does "pipes" and "terminal devices" mean in this content? Or maybe I will find out after watching it.

Mie's speaking at a Nokia conference right now too, for a second there I thought you must be at the same one, but she's at the one in Singapore.

Many telecom folks talk about "data" and "terminal devices" and think of themselves as pipes instead of talking about customers and communication. I think the terminology influences what people are thinking about when they think about the business.

Good presentation. Nice gesticulations. Fantastic summary style, though. All the best summaries are written like that, apparently.


Nokia is not able to directly implement any of things++ you mention because they have no direct relationship with customers. Operators do.

This is the fundamental dilemma Nokia faces. As you are aware operators have their own branding plans that may or may not involve Nokia. Samsung, LG, NEC, Sharp, etc. are all willing to go to far greater lengths to please the operators then Nokia.

Ok, just watched it. What really came through was customer oriented, which I hope got through to the audience somehow. One of the best thing was the finishing words:

"Maybe five to ten years from now, in this device, you will have every single song, that's available in the world. Your problem is not gonna be how to get the song. The problem will be: Which song do you want to hear?"

They are focusing so hard on how to transfer content to you (and how to prevent it at the same time, DRM in a nutshell) so they forget the users and how and why they actually will use all the stuff that is available.

Hmmm, perhaps it's time to get a blog of my own. Can't just surf around and use other people's comment systems as my blog. :)

It's too bad there wasn't anyone at this event covering it in a blog style. Not that I have been able to find anyway. What happened, what was it like. You have a few photos but it's limited.

simon woodside

I have been serving in Iraq for over five months now as a soldier in the 2nd Battalion of the 503rd Airborne Infantry Regiment, otherwise known as the "ROCK."

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"Die dulci fruimini!"

Er, a Lieutenant Colonel parachuting with his troops ?

Anyway, babble similar to the above has been making the rounds via e-mail since ages...

A quick Google search shows that this fabricated prose — with slight stylistic variations — appears in many places under various authorships... See e.g.

More comment on those letters allegedly written by some US soldier:

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