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Got a new Nokia 7610. Short review on my stuff blog.


there are new phones that can connect with digital hearing aids via bluetooth. I find alot of static with blue tooth connectors while driving with the standard hands free stuff, thus not optomistic about the new assitive tech phones comming out.

the curved keyboard does not seem ergonomic, can it help one with arthritis? do you know anyone with arthritis that can try out the curved key pad?

ps: i met one of your sisters friends during the tribeca film festival during a photo shoot/blog excersice with steve mann's virtual visually impaired team....


I worked on this phone & have had one for a couple of months and it's great! Camera is fantastic too

Design looks funky, but I enjoy Nokia's maverick design tendencies. The 7610 looks a lot cooler than the ubiquitous 3650, at least.

@ Mike: designing a phone that looks better than 3650 is not really difficult. Au contraire: it's hard to build one thats worse...

Good point, Jens. Attaching a note to a brick and then throwing it out a closed window is a sexier way of sending a message than using the 3650, if you ask me.

my present cellphone is not a camera phone and i'm planning to change with it. please help me decide which of the present camera phones is the best.


It is a great phone, however if you are a mac user you will run into a little glitch when trying to transfer files via bluetooth. You can send files from the phone to the mac no problem. You can also send files from the mac to the phone ok. But you can't browse the Files on the phone properly from the mac - it returns no file/folder list.

I only seem to be able to see fles which I have sent to the phone in the first place. These end up in the message box, and once I delete the message (after moving the picture to a decent storage place on the phone) I can no longer see it from the mac.

Perhaps the new updates in 10.3.5 will address this issue...

in response to the mac glitch, this still seems not to be fixed, just bought one myself two days ago. i am running osx 10.3.5, and still get no file list when conecting via bluetooth, and with no luck at all with the usb cable. would be nice to transfer larger files to the phone, i.e. whole albums.
any one got any fixes.

How do we do the sending from the phone to my MAC? My phone always give me the message of maximum numbers of bluetooth connection in use. :(

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