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See you later Helsinki and thanks for the reindeer and the midsummer nights.

On my way back to Japan. Looking forward to being home for a few weeks...


Sucks ya can't sneak over for Supernova! Have a good rest at home though!

Hey Jason. Yeah, I'm going to try to partipate in some of it via heckelbot...


i'm from milan italy

i'm read about you on Manifesto paper

one kiss!!

and no war

Hey Joi, I'll be in Narita for a layover for two hours. You should pop in and have lunch or something :)

It's far fetched, but I'll be at that end of the woods at least haha.

Heya Joi,

I just started following your blog more recently, and man, wow do you travel! Good stuff. :) Hope your return trip is good.

hi joi,

I just read about you and your weblog in a german news magazine.

I'm studying at a german university and we developped a new tourism-weblog this semester with movable type.

the address is:

so, if you would like to see us...come!

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