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Andrew is trying to draft Bruce Springsteen, an outspoken critic of war, to perform at Giants Stadium (which he has reserved) September 1, the day of the Republican National Convention. Andrew wants you to sign his petition.

Bush vs Bruce live would be definitely be something worth watching.

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For maximum effect, such an event (if it happened), should be free for anyone to broadcast--no exclusive rights for one network. Anyone want to bet that they would all air a Springsteen concert and ignore the politicians?

Good idea, Ken. If those were the terms I wouldn't be surprised if it was picked up on multiple continents.

Joi, I know you're on a first name basis with the class of people who rent baseball stadiums for fun, but the the benefit of the rest of us, who TF is Andrew?

Andrew is Andrew Rasiej

I'm a huge Bruce fan, so I'd sign a petition to draft him to play any day,. This won't happen, however. In fact, the petition probably makes it less likely.

It is not about Bruce, its about people organizing to send a clear message. "Its the people stupid!" -Joe Trippi

This New Jersey native hopes that Bruce will accept....

while an interesting publicity stunt, it's rather funny how liberals purport to free speech yet try to suppress the other side's views. It's not like the liberals don't get to have their own event. It's called the Democratic National Convention.

I can't get teh site to work...ya think Bush's sensor police are at it again?

Hey Chris, suppression is using force to press down. That is the Conservative method. We liberals just offer opposition and alternatives.

Hello Andrew,

How about if all the Republicans boycott your clubs? If you want to do something to support John Kerry do it on your own and leave Bruce Springsteen out of it. Oh buy the way are you going to pay for the Meadowlands out of your own pocket?

Are no profits going to be made out of the ticket proceeds or will they be donated to a charity? Why would you want to divert attention and money from a Republican Convention that a Post 911 NYC needs so badly? Why would anyone want to hold a Political Convention here when our own businessmen what to sabotage it. I think you are doing this for your own selfish political agenda.

You are trying to do the same thing John Kerry accused the Republicans of doing the other day with postponing that vote.

Respectfully yours,

John Davis

you boneheads have too much money and not enough brains.The hope of mankind/ we are done for.

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