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this is the constitution on DRM

So jump over here to where you can purchase an electronic version of the Constitution, fitted very nicely to a Microsoft Reader (not Mac compatible), and protected quite completely with DRM. The description says you're not permitted to print it. The reader reviews report you're permitted to print it twice a year. And don't try to hack the code to print it more than twice -- until Boucher's H.R. 107 passes at least. (Though the ranking is higher than for my book. Maybe free fails after all?) (Thanks Paul!)

Now who in their right mind would buy a copy of the US constitution in a form that they couldn't freely print? Or maybe they're going to try to get the government to stop distributing for free. ;-p


Pay for the U.S Constitution? You can get it free for your iPod (I don't think it works on the 1st gen ones) at . What's a Microsoft Reader?

Free? Last I heard, a licence for The Constitution was at least 87 billion.

Microsoft's hubris at work again.... who in their right mind would even come up with the notion that you could restrict the printing of the U.S. Constitution under a claim of ownership rights.... how can you assert any rights over a document in the public domain? (Am I reading this correctly - they are not restricting dupllication of their format, etc... just the actual printing out of the document?)

Its not about owning the Constitution and its not that DRM is accepted as law. The problem is that the DMCA allows companies such as Microsoft to create any DRM they like and the government will enforce that DRM for them. This is why I like to call it DRM-R (Digital Removal of My Rights).