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"On Tuesday, Cheney, serving in his role as president of the Senate, appeared in the chamber for a photo session. A chance meeting with Sen. Patrick J. Leahy (Vt.), the ranking Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, became an argument about Cheney's ties to Halliburton Co., an international energy services corporation, and President Bush's judicial nominees. The exchange ended when Cheney offered some crass advice.

'Fuck yourself,' said the man who is a heartbeat from the presidency."

...Even if the Senate were in session, the vice president, though constitutionally the president of the Senate, is an executive branch official and therefore free to use whatever language he likes."

And this is the administration that's trying to prevent you from saying "fuck" on TV.

I don't think I've ever told a business associate to "fuck yourself", but I guess I've never been accused of corruption by an associate either. On the other hand, I can't imagine ever calling my company a super-duper company...

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CHENEY: Well, I expressed myself rather forcefully, felt better after I had done it.

CAVUTO: All right. Now, did you use the "F" word?


CHENEY: Yes, that's not the kind of language I ordinarily use. But...


CAVUTO: Do you have any regrets?

CHENEY: No. I said it, and I felt that...

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You know, this isn't the first time Bush and Cheney have been caught using real profanity. During the 2000 campaign they were overheard on stage making coarse remarks about a NYTimes reporter. And I don't know which is worse, the coarse remarks or their stupidity in getting caught: it was obvious they would be overheard given the hundreds of mikes trained on them.

Waiting for the liberal media to rise up in defense of Cheney's free speech rights....



Ok, how about any comparison to John Kerry's use of the "f bomb" in Rolling Stone...

still waiting...

i don't have a lot of problem with profanity - use it, don't use it, whatever. i use it. what i have a problem with is the hypocricy and the general attitude that they can do no wrong.

there are rules of conduct for the senate [ ], but this doesn't count, i guess, because the senate wasn't in session. so cheney "felt better after i had done it," [,2933,123794,00.html ] and it's all ok in his mind - he has no regrets.

meanwhile, the senate approved a ten-fold increase in fines for broadcasting "obscene, indecent, and profane language." [ ]

and all this not too long after bush repeatedly called the pope "sir" (that's "most holy father" or "your holiness" - [ ]) there's a principle of respecting the office even if you don't respect the office-holder. this administration would be wise to buy that clue. a little humility goes a long way. this doesn't have to be an issue, but it is now, if only because it's yet another example of bush administration players assuming that they are better than the rules the rest of us have to live with. do as they say, not as they do.


I enjoy your view of my country from yours.

Here are my comments on Bush and his statement on the "Sanctity of Marriage" (

I agree with the sentiment of the previous comment to the effect that it isn't the profanity that's the issue, it's the intellectual dishonesty.


Cheney has a legal right to say what he wants if he isn't malicious. The First Amendment protects non-malicious political speech. This protection extends out past op-eds and newspaper articles into the realm of the Arts to insure that thought police don't get the chance to install tripwires for political speech they find inconvenient.

However, what Cheney said was personal, as close to "I wish you were dead" as it gets in American idiom.

Manners do count. Using the f-bomb as an expletive is one thing, using it as a personal insult is a worse thing.

Cheney should be embarrassed and should make amends. I'm sure he felt hassled before his outburst and I'm not surprised he felt better afterwards, but he is not the only human with feelings on the planet.

Who cares about curse words? Really? In light of all the other things this guy is doing, this is the least of our concerns.

A post on his ties with Halliburton and the contracts they were awarded would be something to talk about.

The cursing is just a distraction.

I would certainly defend the right of Cheney or anyone, to say what they want.

If he wants to expose his character that is up to him. For someone who works with the (far) religious right (like his boss), one would expect him to keep their standards. They are the ones who might have questions.

Let him unleash his anger more often. The public and his supports might learn something.

You guys are missing the real gem behind this incident.

He should at least apologize. I'm not sure if he even has done that yet. But knowing him, I don't expect one from Cheney.


Another example of the Bush administration being the first to forgive themselves.

It's a good thing that the Vice President has no regrets about his cursing. Of all the statements he has made publically, I'll bet that his latest unorthodox vociferation is the only quote that history will preserve. (At least, the mischeif in me makes me hope so.)

Last I checked, the expletives "damn" and "bastard" were the only bad words that modern politicians were allowed to use. And only at certain times -- when colorfully describing communists, for example.

What happened to the good 'ol days, when our politicians could insult others with talent?

Bonaparte was a lion in the field only. In civil life, a cold-blooded, calculating, unprincipled usurper, without a virtue; no statesman, knowing nothing of commerce, political economy, or civil government, and supplying ignorance by bold presumption.

- Thomas Jefferson, on Napoleon Bonaparte

Sadly, Andrew does not seem to understand the distinction between profanity and hypocrisy.

Aw, come on... hypocrisy, shimocrisy. There's no law that says jerks can't criticize other jerks. And let's face it - Cheney is not buddy-buddy with the Pat Robertson crew. We should be glad of that.

Although I do not agree with Cheney's politics, I appreciate the testicular fortitude he demonstrated when calling out Leahy. The ancient senator (about to disintegrate into a pile of dust at any moment) was calling the big Dick a crook, for chrissakes.

As an American, do you really care that Cheney used the F word? Or, has he simply exposed an Achille's heel that you wish to exploit? Be intellectually honest with yourself if you choose to answer that question.

Holy Shit!

God forbid that a guy say "Fuck You!" to a prick like Leahy. Cheny's certainly not my favorite guy (this Halibut...or Haliburton...thing, which ever they're all stinks to high heaven...pisses me off), but I haven't noticed any blogs on your site criticizing Clinton for his innumerable lies and the disgraceful way he handled his 'affair' (if that's what they call using an intern as an ashtray) with Monica Lewinsky..."I did it because I could..."

You people need to get a life. I guess its tough to find things to whine about when the Iraqis now have control of their own country (I know...we've been there for a WHOLE YEAR AND A HALF and not everyone loves us yet!). Hey Ito, ask your parents how long it took for the US to turn Japan around after WW2, or ask my grandparents how long it took for the US, France (cough cough...) Great Britain (our only REAL ally) and Russia...(again...cough-cough-vomit) to turn things around in Germany. 10 YEARS!

The trouble with you people is that you have no fortitude. Nothing is so important as to have it interrupt a poetry reading at some concrete-floored coffee house, especially not the liberation of several million people. I know, I know..."But we invaded them for their oil money!" Hmm...that makes a hell of a lot of sense. Price of oil keeps going up...sure, its going down now, but hardly the type of thing I would think would happen if we went and stole oil from a country. And we certainly wouldn't turn the country over to them if we intended to steal their precious oil. And what would be so wrong with it if we did appropriate some of the gooey black shit for ourselves? After all, we did liberate them. We did give them $87 Billion to rebuild their country. We've given 'em a few sandwhiches here and there.

Oh horrors! But we INVADED THEM! Damn straight we did. Saddam had violated 17 UN Resolutions (I mention that only because I know how much you commie-lib-pinkos love the UN...they're the bastion of ineptitude, and you all see them as role models of ineffectiveness...quite frankly I couldn't care less about how many UN resolutions he violated...the UN has no basis for relavancy or jurisdiction over a sovreign nation). He also made a game out of painting our aircraft with radar and launching missiles at them. Good enough for me. You fuck with the get the talons. Let that be a lesson to all nations. Don't fuck with us. Which is more than I can say for the Clinton administration, whos message to the world was, "You fuck with us...and well...we'll...I know...we'll pass a UN Resolution against you." And what about the fact that Clinton used the military more than any other peacetime President in history? An average of once evey nine weeks. And so now, we've got a few terrorists over there who hate us (because they hate everyone...even other Muslims). So, since they want us to leave (and since you weaklings love to do whatever bad people with guns tell you to do...see what happens when you aren't armed?), I guess we should do exactly as they order (a la Spain...PUSSIES!).

I watched that video that a lot of you were crying about. It was perfectly edited for you. It left out the part where those three creeps tossed a weapon in they had been trying (unsuccessfully...never send an idiot to do a Marine's job...fight) to set up an SA-7. The SA-7 has a pretty distinctive profile. So, the nice Iraqi laborers (wow...what a commie buzzword...not quite as bad as 'wroker', though) had been trying to kill the evil American capitalist pilots. Ihe only reason that I was upset about the video was that there weren't more Iraqi anti-American soldiers killed in it, and I thought the director should have put in some good music...maybe Flight of the Valkries or something like that...a little cliche, but nevertheless effective...

You people suck. You sit around, trying to spin the worst possible spin on anything that Bush does. I think he's a prick personally. He won't close the borders to illegal immigration (I have no problem with educated people coming to our country...the only smart thing that Europe does). I didn't really want to give $87 Billion to Iraq (the proposed space elevator only costs $10 Billion), and a permanent underwater research station (where there a lot of cures for disease supposedly lurking), would only cost about $4 Billion. There are a lot of things to criticize Bush about, not the least of which is the fact that he too, is a whimp. He gives money to Africa ($15B) for AIDS drugs...what a waste of money...those people are the walking dead anyway. He gives millions of dollars to the NEA, who then promptly turn around and beat the shit out of him some more. And he doesn't stick up for himself.

You people who sit around and criticize the 'religious right' are actually the 'religious left'. You treat your politics as a religion, following blindly regardless of the obvious fallacy of it all. Liberals in the US have been in charge of the school system for the last 60+ years. What a bang-up fuckin' job you guys have done. I wouldn't hire you to mow (Dan Quayle might ask if there's an 'e' on the end of mow) my lawn. You guys proposed welfare. Damn, what a social-fucking-success that's been! You're so worried about the rights of a few homosexuals to get hitched (why...marriage is a religious institution...the Bible clearly discusses homosexuality...why try to deny it...have some who you are and be proud instead of trying to homogenize) that you ignore all the other real garbage going on in our country. We're being overrun as we speak by non-English speaking people who suck the life out of your precious welfare system, the Social Security network, and state services designed to help your beloved lazies (I know...ther are people who really need help...I have no problem with short term help for those who CAN work...otherwise...GET A DAMN JOB!)

Stop following your foolish and corrupt leaders blindly, whether you are liberal or conservative. If we are ever going to have a meaningful government in this country, we have to get back to personal responsibility (stop suing cause you spilled coffee on your crotch), term limits, get rid of the bullshit campaign finance reform (which a dumbass conservative group is trying to use to pull Micheal Moore's new film off the screens...I hate Micheal Moore by the way), and adopt the true consitution of the US (since when was the President allowed to deploy US Trrops for more than 90 days without a declaration of war?).

That's all I have.

Oh...and by the way 'Roj', the pope is only 'His Holiness' if you happen to either a) be Catholic or b) give a flying poopy about the Catholic Church. He's a man, not a some quasi-god. He's no more holy than my arse, and certainly not my father. My father would have fired priests who molested little boys. How about a new name for him? How's a bout "Most Whimpy One"? How about "Oh Most Greatest and Powerfulest Purveyor and Enabler of Nasty Molestors of Tiny Children". Hey, how about this one: "His Hole-Seekingness". Oh the cries from you people if a conservative had done so little to protect children.


They is a lot of good de-caffeinated coffee available these days. :)


I hope you enjoy your life of mediocrity. , ... i hope the secret service doesnt track me down and kill me

Dick Cheney is the best VP the US has ever had. About time somebody told Leahy what to do, he certainly isn't capable of figuring it out on his own.

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i guess this is pretty much the message we've been seeing from the white house for a while... only simpler, for consumption in the senate? Testy, Testy, Testy [washington post, june 25, 2004]At a photo session on the Senate floor... Read More

i guess this is pretty much the message we've been seeing from the white house for a while... only simpler, for consumption in the senate? Testy, Testy, Testy [washington post, june 25, 2004]At a photo session on the Senate floor... Read More