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flickr, a photo management/social network/community/chat service just integrated Creative Commons so you can choose a license for a photo when you upload this. This is awesome. flickr integrates photos into your chat so that you can plop photos into a chat room from your shoe-box and copy photos into your shoe-box from a conversation. People can comment on the photos, etc. It's probably the best integration of photos in conversation that I've ever seen and now with Creative Commons, it should make feel safer and more fluid.

Nice job Stewart!


Felipe, espero que vc seja ouvido.


That's great. I'm using to manage my PhotoLog and they also offer Creative Commons to subscribers. I guess it would be great if there was a bit pattern search engine that could help online publishers locate bits used by others through copy/paste.

You might be interested in FlickrLilli, which is a search interface for Flickr Creative Commons images. It searches all the licenses simultaneously, provides a "zoom in" plus a link to the original image, and has a short attribution text you can cut and paste into documents where you use an image. I wrote it before Flickr upgraded their search interface, and I think it's still a bit snappier and more compact than Flickr's interface.