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Rock, Paper, Saddam! Pretty silly, but pretty funny.

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Thanks. It sure is difficult to find humor in the whole situation, but this sure gave me a wry, ironical little giggle :-}

A preview of the grown up proceedings to come, no doubt.

"Tiger hand always beats paper."

Heh. I dunno why, but I feel a little sorry for Tariq Aziz. He seems like a fairly good guy who was bound and determined to make a series of very bad decisions. I had a theory for awhile that Aziz was secretly one of our guys, that he might have even been on our payroll. Guess I was wrong.

In the proceedings that follow, I do hope that amongst other things, the nature of the U.S. government's relationship with the Baathists (prior to Gulf War I) is fully illuminated.

As a veteran of Desert Shield/Storm

I've got to say that's pretty funny! Especially about the pen missile (should have called it a pen scud though). I still can't believe they found him in a tiny hole in the ground. To see him actually in a courtroom like that is also unreal. I would never have guessed they'd actually catch him alive.

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