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Scripting News
"No one was listening," said the NPR...

"No one was listening," said the NPR announcer, as she introduced the guy who posted the note on Tuesday morning about the new Edwards decals on the Kerry campaign plane. No one was listening, except for the people who were.

Clearly no one reads blogs...

I'm going to be doing a Summer Reading Series interview for NPR this week. I should list all of the blogs people should read this summer. ;-)

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I normally like NPR. I must confess, however, that I don't feel like I fully understand what you were getting at here. Was this some sort of anti-blog piece that you heard on NPR, or what?

Cause if it was I swear I'll fucking go on a pro-blog rampage, knocking all kinds of shit over, and throwing shit all over everyone.

NAtional public radio my ass!!!

mr strauss

pop goes motherfucking lethal.