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It was nice spending some time at home in Chiba, but I'm off to the US again. I'll be giving a talk at Flash Forward in NYC on Friday and then going to Brainstorm 2004 in Aspen next week.

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Joi: if in nyc, please take some pictures from one of the skyscrapers or the empire building: pictures off towards nj would be appreciated to document all the oil refineries and the tributaries: am working to define cancer clusters in nj around hackensack hospital...we need a several picutes and sending them to steve mann would be appreciated. we are working on developing wearable sensors to collect data on toxic waste.

also if you take a couple of pictures around houston street it would be appreciated. there is a great series of surveillence cams near broadway and houston near a subway entrance. there is also a cluster of lymphoma cases due to one of the buildings being a former factory...i think it was shoes. its near the new musuem...right on the corner across from the angelika film center...

I would take you out to dinner...probably molyvos in nyc ...

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