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I arrived last night, made the mistake of eating a cheeseburger before bed and didn't sleep much and felt REALLY BAD this morning.

I crawled onto stage at Flash Forward this morning feeling very scattered and weak, but thanks to a strong topic and lots of funny movies to keep people awake, I was able to struggle through my talk. I talked about Creative Commons, Intellectual Property and the future of marketing. I channeled lots of Lessig and Godin. We did a Q&A session afterwards and I really enjoyed talking to the Flash community. Flash and Creative Commons makes SO MUCH SENSE together. The conference is extremely well organized and cool. I got to meet Stewart McBride and Lynda Weinman who really run a class act. Looking forward to figuring out some way to work with them on something...

After that, I went over to NPR and did a short interview about what I read. Blogs of course. ;-) I think the 20 min or so will be edited down to 3 min so I'm not sure what's going to end up in the interview, but I'll post a link once I know when it's going to air.

So no more public speaking until Apsen next week. Time to relax...


i could not make it: had to see patients all day.

if you need any help, call me at 201 928 0200 ask for doctor pantagis: if you feel really bad, i can call you in antibiotics: like if you have a fever and cough up green/brown sputum.

If you think i am a nut, i can have my partner call it in;)


you travel so much. your body must hate you ;-)

I would have very much liked to have heard your take on the future of marketing... thinking about exactly that is partly how my living.

Will there be an audio link somewhere, or a transcript, or did somebody blog the talk?

Please let me know.

all that heavy liftng fixing your place up caught up with you; you may just have body aches:

interesting health care blog forming: tynenol is good and can mix with advil for muscular pain: you can double up to four advil in one shot if you have no stomach problems. you can take an over the counter prilosec to protect your stomach: the adkins thing is safe, but does affect short term memory if you shut out all carbs. its calorie restriction that is key: but one alwasys feels more tired when calorie restricted.

have a steak: peter lugars over in brooklyn is good: i can come over with a visually impaired photographer to blog you with our glog...


i went to the talk friday morning - and it was so inspiring and invigorating - thanks joi! i haven't stopped talking about creative commons since...