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Thanks to Adriaan, Jace, Boris and Kuri for updating Joi Ito's Web to Movable Type 3 and moving it to Bloghosts, the new home for Joi Ito's Web. The load time seems about the same, but the rebuild time on the new servers seems much faster so I think trackbacks and comments should not be a problem anymore. Let me know what you think.

Also, I don't have the birthday script and other things running yet, but hope to get it going soon. We switched to Adriaan's Technorati MT plugin and are making some other changes. Boris is doing some design changes too as you can see.


index.xml went from showing entire posts to excerpts only, which is kind of a hassle. Not sure if that was an intentional change.

Hmm... Interesting. Dave Winer says that my index.xml is now good. I wonder if we're using the default templates. Boris did the actual move so I'm sure he'll know, but he's probably still asleep.

1- Actual page loads are blazingly faster.. except for the sidenavbar, you'll notice, comes in a bit later. This is because of blogrolling Javascript loading offsite data.

2- The RSS feeds are default MT3 feeds. I will turn on "full entries" immediately.

I'm gonna scrub the CSS soon too...

Cool. Thanks!

The full text feed is suddenly abridged

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