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Fahrenheit 911 factchecks

Here are Michael Moore's extensive factchecking notes on Fahrenheit 911. Link (via Kottke)

What a good idea. Media sites should put factchecking notes online too.


A great example of the power of the web -- "drill down" into the references, as deep as you like.

Here's another place to drill down at: Fiftysix-Deceits-in-Fahrenheit-911.htm

Too bad Moore's facts dont add up to his conclusion.

has anyone seen an independent fact checking source yet? i work with a bunch of ignorant fools who haven't even seen the film but dedicate themselves to refuting it through limbaugh vantriloquist acts and o'reilly echoes. i need to feed them something other michael moore as a source.

Chris_B. - I think The beauty of this film is that it outlines a damning scenario with a singularity of vision that is so clear, no one can miss it or even misunderstand it. In some ways Farenheit 9/11 reminded me of a campaign commercial on steriods. It put the opponent in the worst possible light, avoided any nuance, and rarely gave voice to the opposing view. But so what? All meaningful documentaries have a point of view. Many people condemn this film as propaganda, but what they are really saying is that they don't agree with its point of view. Personally, I think Moore went easier on Bush than he could have. The other side can make its own movie.

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Here are Michael Moore's extensive fact-checking notes. Some of these blatently contrast the 59 deceits of Fahrenheit 9/11, a list which will soon be published on National Review Online.... Read More

Here are Michael Moore's extensive factchecking notes on Fahrenheit 911. (via Joiito). What it doesn't say

Read More