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Japanese geek status hierarchy

Fascinating chart of the Japanese geek status hierarchy. Link (Thanks, Zed!)

Funny. ;-)


Actually, it's a hierarchy of _foreigners_ in Japan.

There should be a separate branch to classify the Boing-Boing bloggers who seem to have an obsession about anything related to Japan, from vending machines to hello kitty.

Adriaan, you've got it half-right: the Boing Boing bloggers have an obsession with virtually everything: comics, copyright, the Beastie Boys, buried rivers in London town, Wacky Packs, cartoons, industrial design, Japan, science fiction, the Singularity, MMO economics, country swing and doo-wop, phonecams, folk art, thrifting, open source, good used bookstores, news of the weird, Dinsey Parks, assemblage sculture, bricolage, the PATRIOT Act, nanotech, air travel horror stories, pranks and bureaucracy hacking, civil rights, public transit, new Urbanism, FPGAs, Googie architecture, recreational capscium use, and so forth.

Anyone interested enough to follow the link probably falls into a profile that makes them smirk uncomfortably with how close atleast *one* of those boxes hits one point in their life atleast. good laugh!

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