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I'm at Brainstorm 2004 which should be fun. It's my favorite conference of each year. I'm going to be taking notes and will encourage anyone else here wants to use the space to put notes on the Brainstorms 2004 page on my new public SocialText wiki. I'll also be hanging out on #brainstorm on Freenode on IRC.

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i would hope that others attending the meeting would add their notes and memories for the viewing public. but i find that many at these types of meetings are not interested in altruistic deeds.

the us as losing reputation was kind of just complaining session.

the stuff about Nortel was kind of old hat stuff.

i would rather hear what someone like Henry Kissenger has to say than wesly clark. not that i am a republican, but mr Kissenger has a better sense of history.

The ted turner section should of been more detailed; this guy is important and is sitting on the sidelines waiting for the next move. ted keeps up turning up at wearable and mobile computing shows and seems to be hanging out with there a deal coming into being in regards to personal entertainment systems? news systems?


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