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Some good quotes from Wesley Clark...

Wesley Clark: The responsibility of Abu Ghraib does not lie in the men and women in the armed forces. It lies in with the commander and chief.

Q: Why isn't the administration being held accountable for this?

Wesley Clark: They will be held accountable in the elections.


Wesley Clark: You can't win the war on terror by killing terrorists. You have to cut of the recruitment. It doesn't involve killing people.


So when he ordered attacks in Yugoslavia and killed civilians they were "just following orders". Not buying it, if a soldier is issue an immoral order they know they have do not have to carry it out. Considering it was the military that discovered the abuses and reported it to the media I have a hard time believing the argument.

Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil.

To Thomas,

An overly simplistic look at a very complex problem. I guess it's OK to sit back and allow ethnic genocide.

Wes Clark saved over 1 million Albanians from slaughter. He's a bona fide hero.