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At least Kerry has good taste in computers.

via Markoff


Hmm, it’s indeed a TiBook. A not too recent model at that — looks like it’s still got an analog VGA port instead of DVI ;-)

Hope it wasn't just a prop.

naw man, it's a ppp-powerbook

Guess both candidates are Mac users.

I remember a picture of Gov. Bush with his feet up on the desk next to his powerbook, but couldn't find it. It was a better picture.

Maybe it's just the perspective of the photo - but it looks like they're keeping it _away_ from him.. ;)

That picture of Bush with an (old) PowerBook was supposedly a prop borrowed from a staffer. Read:

From that page:

"ZD: Are there any areas of technology that make you uncomfortable?

GWB: Yes, there are. I worry about the privacy issue. I think my information is my information, and I don't want anybody to have it that I don't want to have it, so I am concerned about that."

Hello? Patriot Act anyone?

But why is he sitting on the wrong side of the desk? Is it just me or are the drawers facing out instead of toward him?

It may be an old picture, but that's definitely the old "flying saucer" power supply in there as well.

If he gets elected, it becomes an Absolute PowerBook. (Har!)


Did you or Markoff take that picture? If not, where's the photo credit? Did you get permission to post it? Otherwise it's a copyright violation.

Andrew, I guess I would argue fair use. I'm making a comentary, it's not a very large reproduction of the picture, it's non-commercial use and he's a public figure. Having said that, if someone would tell me who took the picture, I'd be happy to provide attribution and if someone who owned it wanted me to take it down, I probably would do that too. Unfortunately, I "found it" without metadata about the photographer (another reason why we should use CC info in EXIF data.. ;-) ) I DID do a quick search for the image on Google images to try to find the source, but I couldn't. I just thought that the extremely important news value of the photograph was worth the risk.

As with any "fair use" case I can of course be sued, and there is of course a chance I would lose.

With Al Gore on the Apple board, was there really any doubt?

Apparently he drinks cola too. I forget which brand.
Who cares?

Just 2¢ regarding the John Kerry PowerBook photo. It appears in the July 19, 2004 issue of TIME. I am not up to date in the current photo crediting format / style, so suffice it to say that it is the cover featured photo essay by Diana Walker beginning on page 28, with the acutal photo gleaned from page 30. I noticed it myself with a nice smirk as I paged through the magazine. Go Macs.

Picture was featured in Time magazine a few weeks ago.

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