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I think fake IM conversations are becoming a new legitimate form of satire. Here is one of the classics.

via snowchyld


some other classics are on (a mix and match of funny / unusual / downright evil IM conversations)

Heh, not bad i've had some pretty bad conversations in my day. The funniest ones is when someone IMs you and thinks they know you or when you know someone irl and he is a weakling and he acts all tough online

These conversations got nuttin' on Kim Jong Il's LiveJournal.

That made my day! Thanks Joi!

Go take a look at the top 100 from the same place:

Warning: some of them are very inappropriate for some audiences (but funny none the less =)

I've had some weird IM conversations, but this one with a bot was quite - ehh - inspiring ;-)

Whats an imconversation?

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