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I'm on my way back to Japan. I thought I was going back to Japan yesterday, but AFTER I checked my bags through to Tokyo, I looked at my ticket and realized that I had a one night layover in San Francisco. I should have stayed in Aspen. The weather (the fourth time in the last year) grounded my flight to Denver, but I made it safely to San Francisco.

Anyway, thanks for all the wonderful thoughts from the people at Fortune Brainstorm 2004. It was GREAT. Once again, the small size and diversity of the people totally trumped any other conference I've been to in a year since the last one. See you next year. (hint hint David)

See you again in Japan.


can you post your note or provide a link with what was discussed: not fair; you go to a cool conference, we see the people there, and we your viewing public see that the agenda was very cool.

what did you learn Joi? we need more than mobloging; maybe next year you can record some of the conversations with new hearing aids and post the conversations.


i like the notes below: but it is a sampling:

i wonder if you just took random conversation samplings rather than thought out notes, this contrasted view of what was happening can get the remote viewers to see how objective your stuff is. we can compare the viewers perspective and interpretation with just raw information.

i have problems with the overfocus of the blog idea in general: i think that to be truely brainstorming, one needs to be also very unfocused in a controled manner. most bloggers get mad at me when i try to introduce this form of overstimulation of thought.

so to recap, what one learns is based on bias. we all have biases. if we remove ourselves in time and place, and review raw data after the fact, many details of the brainstorming come to mind that where neglected by ourselves.


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