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Evidence for Hersh's claims of child sexual abuse at Abu Ghraib?

Following up to this BoingBoing post on allegations by journalist Seymour Hersh of rape and sexual abuse of minors at Abu Ghraib prison Iraq -- there appears to be evidence for those claims in supporting statements that accompany the Taguba Report.

What most of us have seen of the report are excerpts from the 50-page summary. In fact, there are well over 6,000 pages in the report itself, including statements by and interviews with witnesses. Among them, testimony from an Iraqi prisoner that would appear to substantiate Seymour Hersh's claims that boys were sodomized at Abu Ghraib. Maj. Gen. Taguba evidently found these statements credible -- they supported statements from interviews with soldiers and other witnesses.

Xeni has some excerpts in her post on Boing Boing and here is part 1 and part 2 (PDF) of the documents supporting this hosted on the Washington Post site.


Some bad evidence of 'sexual' derision and mocking, but nothing yet here about rape...

Trevor: you say tom-AH-to, I say tom-AY-to...
You can only hold out being devil's advocate so long before you're damned yourself...

May none of us never experience "mere" sexual derision / mocking...

No, the mocking is pretty bad.

I'm not trying to minimize the impact of it, just keep it in perspective, and distinguish it from rape, which I see as much much worse...

You are right. You can only give these guys the benefit of the doubt so long, before you start to assume they're guilty rather than innocent...

I still hold out some hope that this crap didn't go that far...

Oh my god .... Prisoners raping other prisoners in a prison? Prison guards raping prisoners? I'm ... shocked ... just shocked. This is terrible. Who would have thought this could happen? It's just ... inconceivable.

It's also like every other prison since the beginning of time.

Trevor: Agreed. As long as hope doesn't blind... Also, no amount of "bad" or "worse" is acceptable. In any circumstance.

Keith: Ugh. Sadly true. No excuse though.

These guards are assholes. I mean, it's sick, and I am even more furious with the guards for a) letting it happen or b) doing it themselves, than most anti-war writers. But the blogger community is dealing with a little "I'm shocked to find out there is gambling going on."

You see, the fact that there were videotapes of sex incidents in the prison was released MONTHS ago. Hell, even FOX NEWS admitted it. The Senators were told about it, their staff leaked it, the Pentagon had it in their report. I've read about in many sites. It was written about following Rumsfeld's testimony on the Hill back in May.,2933,119374,00.html

I'm for throwing the book at those asshole guards, and their superiors. But this "it ain't news until Seymour Hersh says it is" response from some bloggers is a bit much. BoingBoing would benefit from being a little more open-minded in their reading material. I mean, come on--sometimes it's ok to read the newspaper.

Keith, the prison system is terrible, but as Boris says, that's no excuse and I think it would be prudent to be particularly sensitive when you're in a foreign country, dealing with their children when you KNOW the whole world is watching. Especially when you're main tool in the media has been some sort of high moral ground.

As for the reporting. I think there are serveral things. I think Hersh's allegation are more concrete than allegations in the past and remainder of the Taguba report and the "more to come" from Rumsfeld have not yet been delivered and I think Xeni's point is to push to try to make more things available.

I have a sense that the mass media is getting tired of this topic and the administration thinks that they get avoid any additional responsibility by stonewalling everyone and dragging their heels on the investigation. As Wesley Clark said in Aspen, maybe the adminstration will be help accountable at the elections, but until then, I don't see what's wrong in continuing to beat this drum.

Should this really be surprising to anyone? The army "grunts" are generally taken from the lowest class of the American structure. These are "Generally" people with very low intellect and education. You take people of this class and put them into a Lord of the flies scenario with plenty of potential victims at their disposal and this is what you get.

This is not to say of course that people with a higher education would necessarily be of a higher moral fiber. This is certainly, however, reflective of the generally moral fiber of many Americans could substitute "Americans" with "humans" I mankind as a whole has a great potential for cruelty, derision and immoral behavior. History backs this up. Funny how, despite all our technilogical advances we are still merely filthy animals.

- A fellow human beast