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I just got email from an old friend who told me that one of my old friends who I haven't seen for years, Genesis P-Orridge has breasts now. There is a picture of him and his breasts on his site, which turns out to be a blog. Yay!

I first saw Genesis probably about 15 years ago when he came to Japan and performed a penis piercing on stage at at event that was sponsored by Sony, Silicon Graphics and a bunch of other big name companies. It was produced by Professor Mitsuhiro Takemura. Japanese companies sponsored a lot of sub-culture stuff back then...

I first actually talked to Genesis when I interviewed him for a Japanese magazine and he was in Japan for a Psychic TV concert. Later, we became friends. I remember going to stay at his house and thinking, as I slept on his sofa, that the sound of the dozens of the body piercings jangling as he walked around the house naked sounded a skeleton with chains in some movie or something.

Looking at his blog, I'm glad to see that it looks like he's doing well. I also just noticed that he looks a lot like Kiefer Sutherland. (I'm watching 24 right now.)

Anyway, if you see this, "Hi Gen!"


wow, now Genesis has throbbing breasts instead of a gristle? ah, he has both, I guess. : )

I would NEVER have guessed that you're into PTV. Me too. Big time.

Dunno if he still does, but Genesis used to maintain a home in Brighton, round the corner from Pete B-W and myself (seperately!) weird when you think that the '3d aural' album P-TV produced was one of my first introductions to proper performance music...

wonder what ever happened to all my ptv records?

I saw PTV in August 1986 at The Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco. Pretty weird show, but definitely memorable.

I'm glad there are still people like Genesis doing highly subversive things out there. Culture wars in the US are more firece than I can ever remember them, and it's nice to have someone as out there as Genesis still holding his two fingers up at the conservatives.

Long live GPO

and he's got a nice rack!

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