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Seth Godin's new project, ChangeThis is a project to have interesting people write short "manifestos". Seth's working on creating a new form of literature. It's looks like something between a paper, a blog post and a marketing presentation with a message. It will be interesting to see how this takes off. It looks interesting to me. They have a blog, "Read and Pass".

Halley writes about it over on Worthwhile.


If all it is intended and percieved to be is "interesting reading", I may as well give up right now. I thought I was working on a manifesto for serious social change.

Hey Trudy. I didn't mean that the manifestos would just be "interesting reading". I guess I should have stressed the social change part more. I was saying that the project and the new form were interesting.

Or are you making fun of me for saying "interesting" three times in one paragraph? Now that you've made that comment, I can't go back and edit that out of my blog post. ;-p

Everyone jump on Joi Day:
It's not Seth Godin's Changethis. It's actually Noah's and Amit's and Phoebe's and Michelle's and Catherine's ChangeThis.

I just threw the party. They showed up and are doing it (awfully well).

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