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Mark @ Boing Boing
Bill O'Reilly enjoys ordering his guests and others to "shut up"

This video commercial starts out with a quote from talk show host Bill O'Reilly making the claim that he has told a guest to "shut up" only one time in six years. The rest of the commercial shows clips of Mr. O'Reilly telling people to shut up. Link [Quicktime] (Via Horkulated)

This looks like a partial trailer or something for OutFoxed that Larry Lessig's been blogging about. I just ordered it on Amazon. Jon Lebkowsky talks about his experience watching it with friends.


Hmmm... some of this Outfoxed trailer video effectively makes the point that O'Reilly tells his guests to shut up, but some of it appears to be excerpted from O'Reilly's editorial opinions, not his interviews.

Seems to me he's entitled to his views in the latter context ... and the American public to theirs.

Ron, shut up!

Here's a few more "Shut Up!" quotes from the humble correspondant himself.

Ron's right: there is exactly one instance of him telling a guest to shut up. And there is a borderline case where he says someone should "shut up about sex." Then there is the famous booksellers meeting where he told Al Franken to shut up, but the clip doesn't make it clear is wasn't from his show and Franken isn't shown. All the other shut-ups are from his commentary.

Why did they find it necessary to distort this when there are so many legitimate beefs against O'Reilly?

Keith, I knew I saw more than one instance, so I counted. The clip has four instances of O'Reilly shut-upping a guest, three taken from editorials, and two from O'Reilly's BookTV "discussion" with Al Franken.

O'Reilly's claim is that he only has once instance of doing it on HIS show. Stop distorting what the video clearly shows. The clever editing of the video has you thinking that one interview with Glick is suddenly 3 different interviews. They go back to the same Glick interview 3 TIMES. I'm sorry but if you're going to be an anal little technicality whore, then by all means proceed.

To an Anti-War Protester Whose Father Died on 9/11
O'Reilly: "Shut up. Shut up."
Jeremy Glick: "Oh, please don't tell me to shut up."
O'Reilly: "As respect—as respect—in respect for your father, who was a Port Authority worker, a fine American, who got killed unnecessarily by barbarians—"
Glick: "By radical extremists who were trained by this government—"
O'Reilly: "Out of respect for him—"
Glick: "—not the people of America."
O'Reilly: "—I'm not going to—"
Glick: "—the people of the ruling class, the small minority."
O'Reilly: "Cut his mic. I'm not going to dress you down anymore, out of respect for your father. We will be back in a moment with more of The Factor."
Glick: "That means we're done?"
O'Reilly: "We're done."
—Feb. 4, 2003

O'Reilly had no right to talk Jeremy Glick that way. Especially someone who actually lost someone in the WTC.
He had no right to say anything about his father, he didn't know him. He didn't know anything about him. I am sure Jeremy's father would have gotten up out of his chair and knocked Bill O'reilly on his ass for talking to his son that way. He's not a journalist if anything maybe he should write for the National Inquirer were his talent can be appreciated. So to all those other WTC survivors who don't support the war in Iraq..what is he going to tell them to shut up to. To bad he wasn't in the WTC. I am sure he's not someone who would be missed. There would also be a few less shut ups in the world. So what if they go back to the same interview 3 times. This is a kid who lost his father in a tragic horrible way and you are going to tell him to shut up? Classy guy. No wonder he represents the right wing so well. Here's a link that shows all of O'reilly's shutting up exploits.

I would really like to know how far Bill O'REilly stuck his foot down his throat regarding Japan's contribution to the Hurricane Katrina victims? I browsed but could find only a sentence where he states he is 'insulted' by Japan's contribution.

Any help would be much appreicated

It's too bad left-wingers focus on irrelevant issues like how many times someone says "shut-up".

How about debating an actual ISSUE that he has brought forth? Oh, well i guess you can't since you would lose that debate. I would suggest intelligent dissent, rather than he said, she said....

I heard that Private Media Group is releasing a shameless parody of Bill O Reilly! It's gonna be called 'God's Will' and will be released next month

I lost my cousin on 9/11 and never once did i believe that the government had something to do with it. My cousin was killed by murderers of Al-Queda. I feel sorry for Glick for the loss of his father BUT the government did not having anything to do with 9/11. If you want to point fingers we can point it at Clinton if you want. I know how my cousin died and i dont need an anti bush psycohpath to tell me how he died.


Here is a word that you do not understand GROW A BACKBONE. Bill this statement means have respect for others!!!!!!!!!!
When you invite people to be on your show you need to be an adult and give that person a chance to speak his views without being a closed-minded person. I would use another word, but being a Christian i won't use that word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bill i thought that you were human or at least one time or another!!!
Bill grow a heart and give people respect.
When you have a guest on your show don't be disrespectful.
Grow a BACKBONE and as you say all the time SHUTUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What is your malfunction? ? People are people like you are!!!!!!
Why on this beautiful earth, that our dear beloved GOD gave us, would you treat people so poorly??? Do you REALLY hate yourself so much that you have to take it out on other people??????????
My parents always told me to give people a chance to speak even if we do not get along with that person who is in your presence at that moment.
Why in the world would you shove another human being???
Why would you call a woman a witch ? I saw and heard you call 2 women that on national television???
Bill, I would like you to try to do me a favor, can you at least try???
when you have a guest on your show give that person a chance to speak!!!!!!!!!
In your own words....SHUT -UP and let the other person speak!!!!!!!!!!!
President Obama was elected as our President to guide us and help us do better with ourselves. He was also elected to fix the economy. I really wanted Our governor of Arkansas to be President, but did he make it to the White House??
No. SO.... My second choice was Obama, so i was still happy that a man who loves the Lord Above, who loves his country and the GOOD LORD ABOVE became our Presidenr. That still counts for everything to me!!!!!!!!!1

I strongly believe that Obama is what we need to fix what is broken, so it seems.
I have 2 VERY, VERY smart young children seem smarter than you by having RESPECT for others. I thought that you were a very smart man. YES, I compared you to a 7 year -old and a 9 year-old . SO, to sum it up. Where is your self respect, your dignity, your inner-self, Or are a unfeeling person.

SO to sum it up, I WILL KEEP YOU IN MY PRAYERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

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