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In other brainstorm news, the interview of Ted Turner you posted notes for was on PBS the other night. Certain parts were clearly edited (it's a one hour show), I would have loved to have been in that audience.

But that interview just about made my head explode...Ted Turner seems to have transformed into some rebel against corporate media, rightly pointing out that conglomeration is out of control, that TV stations don't provide local content...etc. But at the same time, his merger with Time was one of the first and most important really big media merges, and his use of satellite TV by definition went over the heads of local what the heck?

It's cool that he's pointing out all these problems, maybe he feels guilty in retrospect in participating, or losing, and this is his way of paying penance. Really interesting, whatever's happening.

Ian. Don't let the Southern accent fool you, Ted is probably a complex cat. He married Jane Fonda.