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I've been using MoinMoin, a python based wiki because I thought I'd be able to hack it since I was learning python. It turns out that I haven't had any time to hack MoinMoin and frankly, it looks too difficult for me. The SocialText (I'm an investor and on the board) wiki software has become quite stable with some cool features so I've decided to switch my main wiki from Moin Moin to SocialText. The question I have is whether I should migrate pages from my old wiki and whether I should continue running the old wiki. If I am going to migrate the pages, another question is how to move the pages... Anyone have any thoughts?


SocialText doesn't have an import function?

Just having installed the new wiki, it's understandable that the output is not nearly as pretty as that of the old one. The new one seems _so_ much slower though. Are they hosted on the same server, or is the new software just slower?

As far as moving from one to the other, I'm willing to bet there's at least on perl|sed|awk guru among your readership that could make it happen in short order :)

I sure hope the new wiki will sport some nice new features. I agree with doppler re speed and look. Also, why is redirecting to ?

The redirecting is because I can set up other private workspaces but the public joiwiki is the default.

Hmm... It's hosted at SocialText so I'll have to ask them why it's slower. ;-)

There is no import feature in SocialText... Someone will have to write one...

Joi, since I helped you fix your wiki about a year ago, if you'd like to leave (as a comment here) a link to the complete old Wiki markup and new wiki markup, I'll write a little Python diddy to do the converting. It makes sense to me to convert over the old content, even if into an "archive" section, since I don't believe in deleting data. Of course, I haven't deleted an email since late 1999, long before Gmail.

Consolidate into one new wiki. Migrate from the old only notes that are worth it. But keep your old wiki open for reading - but not for changes.

Keeping two concurrent systems running (for the same purpose) is a mess.

Wow Asheesh, that would be great.

The SocialText Wiki help page is here. The punctuation is here.

The old wiki, MoinMoin has a help page on editing here.


If it appears too hard to "hack", then you are not a "hacker".

Please refrain from using the term as you are embarassing the rest of us.

I suggest you return to the pursuit of money, something you appear to be quite adept at.

Good day.

Going to Socialtext does not mean giving up open source hacking!

Socialtext is built on open source Kwiki, and Kwiki plugins are Socialtext-compatible.

The Kwiki architecture is very nice and modular, and there is clean sample code for plugins on

- Adina

Kwiki is great. Lots of plugins exists and more to come:

Migrate the pages, please! :-)

Another solution is... considering what a thriving community of Wiki users you have, they could each go and migrate a page or two or three... a quick copy and paste et voila... distributed migrations. :)

It's funny to read the title of that Wiki software "Moin Moin", because Moin is a northern German word and means "Hello" :)

Moin Moin is made by Germans, actually...

I don't think I'll be able to do the conversion, I'm afraid; if it were page-to-page, it wouldn't be bad. But I'd want shell access to the servers, and the page names would change, and there would be lots of nitty-gritty, and I'm really not in a position here in Uganda to check up on all that.

Perhaps the nice people at SocialText could look into adapting some other program like to start their import function.

Asheesh - we'll look at the "AtisWiki2kwiki" tool. In the meantime if you have any set of simple regex transformations that recognize Moin idioms that's enough of a starting point to automate the process for individuals who want to move their own pages over.

(kind of like the old perl "a2p" awk to perl translator - you didn't convert all you old awk code right away, but it told you how to do things that you used to know how to do. just an aside)

There is now a a wiki page to talk about this conversion.