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There a small, but well produced mp4 video of Lessig's speech about Free Culture and the Creative Commons that he gave when he was in Helsinki this May.

Thanks to Jyri at Aula for the link and for organizing the event.

UPDATE: Here is the link using an IP address if the link above doesn't work for you.


Is it just me, or is the link not working?

I emailed Jyri about the link, but I hope its just me...

I linked from Lessig's blog but the mp4 never went beyond the second question to bush (about 10 minutes)

The problems with the video link may relate to the fact that the server is new and name service may still not find it everywhere. It seems to work well in all the configurations I have tested it so far. In any case, we would be very happy to find out about the problems to fix them, or any other comments, so please send a msg to me at: khk(at)

Can someone just post the IP address?

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A small but perfectly formed MP4 video for you. Lawrence Lessig: Free Culture and the Creative Commons, Helsinki May 04. Ta for the heads-up, Read More

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