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Thanks to Jim and Ado for setting up the BitTorrent tracker. Here is a torrent for Lawrence Lessig's Free Culture talk in Helsinki that I blogged about earlier.


UPDATE: Please standby. It doesn't seem to be working.

Congratulations, Joi! You're a real software engineer now.

And apparently I am a "real web developer" now, too. Ugh.

It's working already. ;)

If you can, you should configure your web server to return the proper MIME type for torrent files. It should be application/x-bittorrent
That way my bittorrent client will pop up instead of my browser displaying junky characters inline.

The file downloaded, but it doesn't have an extension. I tried adding .mp4, but quicktime claims it is an invalid video file. Anyone else having the same problem?

VLC has no problem with the file, even without the extension.


renaming it to .mov should work.

I realize that BitTorrent has been around for awhile and it's nothing new, but I think it's important to show that these technologies have "substantial noninfringing use" in the context of the INDUCE act. Getting it integrated into blogging, having people sharing Creative Commons licensed material and using large media files in their RSS feeds with BitTorrent would be a good example.

QT opened it once I added the .mov extention.

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