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It's been nice to spend time at home, but I'm off again today to Wasatch, Utah to a retreat and then to San Francisco for a short visit. It's the summer obon season so the airport's probably pretty busy today. So I may check again at the airport, but if not, see you on the other side.

I'm going to end up in the mountains in Wasatch for a few days so depending on the connectivity, you may not hear from me for a few days...

UPDATE: I'm at the United lounge in Narita and the wifi here is free now (yay!) but they are blocking the ports for IRC and MSN Messenger. (boo!)


Sorry, was futzing with a test version of Ecto and deleted Aaron's comment.

You must really get sick of long airline flights! A few times a year is enough for me.

Take a look, its firewall friendly :)

hmm for IRC, if you have access to ssh (port 22) there's also a ssh tunnel with port forwarding. possible.

While you're in Utah, you should checkout the outdoor retailer show.
It's one of the biggest outdoor convention.

Hmm.. Cool. Thanks for the tips.

Now I'm in the SFO lounge and I can't seem to log into TypeKey. Weird. It also doesn't let me access my secure mail server. I should carry a list of all of the ports I use and scan the ports on the router in these lounges... but I bet scanning is against the terms of service. I should read them... hmm...

Welcome to SF,

I thought T-mobile managed the SFO wireless access points, I am surprised it is would block such standard ports, maybe it is a security messure to make it easier to sniff network traffic.

I am guessing you know your already know SF but If you are looking for free access to wireless in the city this is a good resource

Welcome to the Great City by the Bay, Joi. Yup - cheesebikini is an excellent and extremely helpful site. And almost any Starbucks, of course, will have a reliable T-mobile hot spot.

You've caught us in the midst of our classic, Mark Twain Summer season. It'll be overcast all week, but a breif jaunt to the North Bay via the Golden Gate should provide you with sunnier skies, beautiful views, and warmer climes.

If you're Sunday is free and you like blues music, you might want to check out the Stern Grove Festival. It's a traditional city event for the Summertime.

Have fun.