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E-Voting Mistake Caught on Paper

In news at once frightening and reassuring, a Sequoia electronic voting machine suffered a very public failure last week during a live demo. The machine worked fine with an English-language ballot, but failed to record votes with the Spanish-language ballot.

I still think electronic voting is a bad idea. Here is yet another example of a failure.


I agree. Electronic voting is not good. How this news could be at once "frightening and reassuring" is beyond me.

There was also a big issue with electronic voting in the referendum in Venezuala. There is a call for verification of the electronically-cast votes (I don't know if the system allows for this.)

Well, in theory it could be reassuring that the problem was caught. If you discover bugs, maybe it means you did a good beta test - or maybe you only scratched the surface.

Don't banks have paper backups for must electronic transactions?

The voting machine must have been running Microsoft software! Ok, ok, Microsoft isn't THAT bad...

I think that statistically, it's significant that seemingly all of the problems found in electronic voting systems so far seem to favor the disenfranchisement of poorer voters in one way or another.

Do the readers of this thread see it as just another coincidence at this point?

Hi Chris

Can u illustrate, with a short paragraph, who will electronic voting system will 'disenfranchisement' unfavor the poorer voters? I can think of a valid reason, but I will like to see your point of view.