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Xeni @ Boing Boing
What are the cool kids in Harajuku wearing?


Glad you asked. Link to an online photo gallery with street snapshots from Harajuku station in Tokyo. (Thanks, Todd!)

Pete sent me this picture. Marc, were you in Harajuku recently?

UPDATE: Brian reports in the comments that the picture is not Marc, but Sailor Bubba.


Shouldn't that be "What were the kids in Harajuku wearing in 2002?" The linked gallery is from 2002. Seeing fashion changes faster than I change socks...

OMG, that's where he gets his crystal powers, Marc is Sailor Moon!

That guy with the goatee is actually Sailor Bubba. They even sell bobble head dolls of him.

Wow! Thanks Brian! I'll update my post.

The kids are allright. It's all the Sunday gaijin hanging around with telefoto lenses that's embarassing. :)

I didn't know that Sailor Moon was a tranvestite...

Holy crap. Transvestite Sailor Moon... FREAKING AWESOM!!! ^^*** I love when creepy guys crossplay! lol

Shit... simply shit.

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