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The post by Xeni about Stealth Lynndie-ing reminded me of a story I heard recently from a unnamed source involved in Israeli and Palestinian relations. Apparently after an official meeting, an Israeli and Palestinian were having coffee and the Israeli asked the Palestinian to tell him a joke. Here is the joke the Palestinian told:

So there's this young guy from Hebron (I guess they make fun of people from Hebron...). He goes to the PLO and says he wants to become a suicide bomber. The PLO gives him a gun, a belt-bomb and a cell phone and tell him to call when he's found some Jews. He kid goes out and finds a Jew and calls. "Hey I found one, I found one!" "One? You have to fine more. Find a group." The kid call back later and say, "I found a dozen Jews!" "No no... like a lot. Find a disco with a bunch of young Jewish kids." The kid continues. "I'm at a disco with a LOT of Jewish young people!" "Go for it!" And the young man from Hebron pulls out his gun and shoots himself in the head.

What's amazing to me is that even in, and maybe more often in, the most cruel of human situations, humor exists and even thrives. This joke, told by a Palestinian to an Israeli really highlights one of my favorite Shimon Peres quotes: "We are just two tragedies meeting in the same place at the same time."


"We are just two tragedies meeting in the same place at the same time."

I understand the spirit of that quote, but I've always had a problem with it. We should maintain a sense of humour, but as an active and influential participant of Middle East history, why would Peres afford himself the luxury of pontificating as if he were an outside observer?

The stealth Lynndie-ing is a riot! :) Funny to the core. I'm glad British folk are doing it. Would be much harder, and perhaps tasteless, if an American were to try and get away with the stealthing.

When a suicide bomber gets to Heaven he finds out it's not 72 virgins, it's a 72-year-old virgin

This Joke is a joke in its self im sorry but its totally racist and not even funny just sick i do not find this funny my friend was taken from me July the 7th in the Londond Bombings do you people not have any respect or compasion for others bet you wouldnt be laughing if that situation was for real and your mother, father, sister . brother or friend is taken from you.
Some things you joke about others you dont!!!!!
Oh and i dont see this sort of thing as a tradedgy its simply PURE EVIL theres no tradedgy just men committing serious crimes just because one person does not believe what the other person does.
Get a life you lot and make jokes that are funny.

Annoyed Lou

Annoyed Lou.

Me thinks thou doest protest too much.

Are you really so deprived of attention? Nobody cares! Nobody cares. Okay?

And besides, the 72 year old virgin joke was hellariously funny. The whole virgin reward thingy makes sense to me now ROFL.

And, speaking of mad bombers, did you hear about the palestinian bomber that was sent out to blow up a bus? He burned his mouth on the exhaust pipe?

And that wasn't all. The whole bombing mission was a tragic bust. The bomber's driver, a black dude, was beat to death by his own lips when the car windshield blew out at seventy miles an hour.