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Warning: rambling diary style entry to follow

Jonah, a friend of Neeru and Joshua emailed me that he was going to be in Japan and wanted to talk about Eyebeam, a very cool art R&D project he is working on. He was leaving the day after I came back to Japan so we decided to meet for lunch at the airport. I printed out Andrea and Jonah's picture from Andrea's photo blog, taped it into my moleskine notebook and headed for the airport. I've been mastering the shortcuts from my house to the airport since I make the trip so often. Today, I found a new little shortcut where I take a right at the rice vending machine and cut through miles of rice paddies and skip the traffic lights on the main road. I love zooming through the rice paddies looking for crop circles until you run into oncoming traffic and have to maneuver just right or fall into the ditch. Anyway, I met Andrea and Jonah at the airport and took Jonah to have a quick bite at Sushi Iwa while Andrea made some phone calls.

The conversation was really interesting and we had an amazing number of common interests. When we were talking about diffusion patterns of ideas and links across blogs, he mentioned that he had helped a new television show use blogs. He explained that there was a new TV series called "Good Girls Don't" and he helped them set up a blog for Jane, one of the characters. How cool. He then started explaining about the character and a funny interaction she had with Instapundit. Holy synchronicity. I suddenly realized that this Jane was the same Jane who had linked to my blog post about no more alcohol until I lose more weight. I had just been reading her blog this morning totally perplexed about the most random link in my Technorati cosmos in quite awhile. I hadn't read the "about" page so I hadn't realized she was a fictitious character. Anyway, so weird, funny and... bloggy. I wish my favorite TV characters had blogs and that they randomly linked to me.


You sure that shortcut was not a cycle path?

Nice work done Jonah Peretti and Jane. I sure enjoyed reading through your experiences while imagining myself in the similar plot of events. lol

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