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Adam Curry samples a portion of Halley's interview with me on Memory Lane on his Daily Source Code Aug 17 2004 - (1.2MB mp3 of relevant section). I'm talking about how I showed the chairman of NHK (Japan's public broadcast network) a video that I downloaded from Adam Curry's MTV.COM. I think this was around 1994 or 1995... It was one of the few video files on the net at the time. I used to show this video all the time and I told this to Adam when I met him at Bloggercon. He said he wanted a copy of the video and I thought I might have it around, but I looked and I don't have it. Sorry Adam! Does anyone else have it? It's a bit of Internet nostalgia and history that would be fun to have. Unfortunately, I think this predates

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I built the Whiplash rocket car and sold it about 1972. It had a Firebe missil engine of 35,000 lb thrust. It ran 3 seconds at about 3,000 lb throust. I also would like to know what and where it is. Thank you.....