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Wow! A USB weight sensor. Now we can automatically add our weight to the sidebar and make RSS feeds of our weight changes. Who wants to write the mt-weightsensor plugin?

via Daiji

Current Mood: chipper
Current Weight: heavy
Listening to: You Trip Me Up by The Jesus and Mary Chain from the album Psychocandy


My weight sensor is already the first one in the morning to tell me I am fat and getting older (it as a sensor for %fat and records my age). NO I DON'T WANT THE USB ONE.


Nice music links. :-)


Way cool music links. Wow. My girlfriend and I just picked up a bunch of late 80s early 90s Manchester sound stuff like Inspiral Carpets and such from the thrift store... on cassette no less. That was a cool trip down memory lane. Darnit, now I've got to find some J&MC, maybe some Ned's Atomic Dustbin.

I was talking to some techie mates yesterday, and we observed that you can buy just about anything vaguely electronic with a USB interface on it these days.

I've been listening to J&MC for quite some time now and probably have been searching for a connected anything related to my beautiful body for much longer (no just kidding ;-)). Anyway, as I'm typing away naked on my Phidget USB weight sensor listening to J&MC trough my Grado's connected to my iPod I am realizing I could be lighter without the gadgets... LOL.

i have been looking all over the place for a way to add the current music and current mood fields, can you help me?

I want to buy a weight sensor , where can i get one ? I would like a smaller one of that is possible but something that can be easily interfavced. I do programming, never messed with anything dealing with connectivity to a usb device though.

feel free to email me on this but put something in the subject or i may ignore it by accident...


i want konw about weight sensor and its image

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