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I have my PowerBook on my insTand next to my bed with a clock screen saver alarm clock. Usually, I wake up before my alarm goes off and wake up the computer instead. As soon as my status on my IM clients goes from idle to available, I get a little flurry of requests for contact. "Did you see my email?" "When can we talk?" "Don't forget our conference call coming up." "We're on a conference call right now you might want to join." I queue up these real-time requests like some sort of air traffic controller, put on my headset hooked up to my Vonage phone and get started. Today, I started the morning with an conference call on the fly with a few people on a one of the many free conference call bridges. During the call, I got an IM that I might want to drop into another conference call in progress. After my first call, I joined the second conference call which was already well on its way. I got the URL of the wiki page of the agenda and notes via IM, scanned them, and made a few comments. Then I was off again to my next call which I had queued with someone on IRC.

My question is, am I a weirdo or an edge case for how people will work once we all have IM and voice and conference calls are free.


I guess anything is fine as long as you feel that you can handle it. But be aware that you don't see stress related illness coming until it's too late. I'd definitely make a no-work-before-breakfast rule or something similar.

If the internet connection must be involved in some way to get you going in the morning I suggest setting up a Breakfast page at your wiki. While you sleep people can make suggestions on what you should have for breakfast. And when you wake up you check only that page before breakfast. Or maybe not :p

But hey, I surf and chat before breakfast as well, so I'm not the one to talk.

Maybe you're both!

I think you're just really cool.

I just read that post outload and my wife said "who wrote that? Joi?"

Edge-case, not weirdo.

Do you kep a sense of time or does it seem to fly when you do this?

Well, the calls today were fun so it time was flying. What was interesting was the feeling of moving through spaces. The conference calls felt like little islands...

IMHO, Neither. I dare say I know you somewhat, and i don't think stress is so much an issue, right? You do enjoy this i.e.: it is not "work" to you...

As such, neither. You are an extreme case. :)
A rare one at that. ;)

(purely my perception of course...)

(further thought as I hit "Post")
I am the same, only no conf calls and about 100x less folks after me (and not the really cool kind of stuff you get pinged for), but totally "on demand, all the time".

That makes ME more of the weirdo. Or so my friends say. ;)

I dunno. First thing I do after waking up is drag myself to the laptop, check email, respond to some IM, and those things that require attention before I can do breakfast.

I guess we're just obsessed netizens...

My vote, edge case with a serious challenge on getting control of your calendar.

"I have my PowerBook on my insTand next to my bed with a clock screen saver alarm clock."

Yeah, that's weird ;-). If you can, keep the computer out of the bedroom. It's a place for sleep and little else. When you start having sleeping problems that's the first thing that should go.

Joi, I'm curious to know what Powerbook-based alarm clocks you've tried. I'm not a morning person, so finding ways to gently ease myself into awakeness which become gradually more insistent is an idea I frequently putter with.

AppleScript and iTunes and something to trigger starting the Powerbook up at the right time may be the route I have to take.

The point about no computer in the bedroom is well-taken, though. It's definitely good to come back to a physical space and ground yourself in it. A bathing room or garden could work well for that too.

Dinah, I'm using Traveler's Clock by Illume Software on my PowerBook. You can have it play an mp3 as the alarm.

Joi, I'd p a y for knowing how bloggers use their pc (5 € for brad, 5€ for doc, ecc). It's the one big thing that's missing in this wonderful networld.

pc? Like our computers? Isn't that just about ALL we talk about? ;-) Actually, it might be more fun to do that on a wiki page. A wiki page with our current computer configurations...

not the qwerty woman, the woman behind qwerty

I totally agree with what you're saying. I wish more people felt this way and took the time to express themselves. Keep up the great work.

Chris Scanlon

Here is another great resource for conference calls at no cost You can record the call and download in an MP3 format that is ready for replay on any website or downloading into an iPod or MP3 player.

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