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ecto, the blogging client developed by Adriaan at my company Kula has just released the beta of the next version which has "What You See Is Almost What You Get" (wysiawyg). This means that you can now do things like drag, drop, resize images into posts. You can also create links, change font information and lots of other stuff without looking at or dealing with html. (More info on the ecto blog.) ecto 2.0 has a bunch of other cool features. Adriaan says it should be ready for general release of the OS X version in about two weeks. Until then... gloat.. gloat...


And Joi of course insists on capitalizing the first letter, but most users know the product as "ecto" ;)

No I didn't... ;-)

Nice try! :)

I can't wait to actually try the ecto Mac version. I've played with the windows version and think it's pretty cool, but just the screenshots of the Mac version say it's better.
So when I get my first Mac in a month or two, you can guess what'll be one of my first buys :-)

Does ecto do educational prices? I might try to get it installed on 30 ibooks at my school for my "weblogs" project.