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AP via CNN
9/11 toy found inside candy bags

Wholesaler recalls 14,000 bags it bought from Miami import firm

MIAMI, Florida (AP) -- Small toys showing an airplane flying into the World Trade Center were packed inside more than 14,000 bags of candy and sent to small groceries around the country before being recalled.

First NROjr and now this. For some reason, all of my posts today are about the US government and the last two are very weird messages to kids...

via Adam


This may be the ultimate in tasteless pranks. Hasbro reacted rather negatively when I called up their receptionist and tried to pitch my "Apocalypse Playset" idea. Should have called Lisy instead.

Get real folks.

This is not a prank. This is not tasteless. It may be thoughtless, or it may be intentional.

Words are the girders on which thoughts are buing built. Look at what you say aloud, or in print, as your words are being perceived, not your intended meaning, but as your words are being understood and translated in others words and actions.

Those toys are targeted at western thought, and alternate thinking humanity, no matter what we, as individuals percieve them to be, most people perceive them as attacks on the west. It is targeted at my thoughts, and, quite probably, your thoughts, we are the target.

Do not be led by blind liberalisim. Do not sleep throught these attacks. Look at what is being said, and by whom. No human wants war, yet we must defend the future of mankind.

Who is saying what? Why are they saying what they say, and what are there thoughts behind their words?


Get real, Jack. You got toys describing a plane flying into a tower and which were distributed among kids. There's no such a thing as "What are their thoughts behind their words", this is just tasteless.

Adriaan, you are blind and will not see. It is a snake. It is a tree. Is a rope. The blind man sees what the blind man wants to see.

Jack Foster Mancilla, your belief that the United States "must defend the future of mankind" is something that the overwhelming majority of humanity might disagree with, especially the manner in which it seems to be undertaking such a task.

You are entitled to your opinions, and to share them, but do try not to belittle others for disagreeing with you.

Pray tell, what makes you so sure what you see is truly "the way it is"? Convince us, sans political stances, rhetoric and clichés.

Boris Anthony,

I said nothing about U.S. defending mankind, or anything else that you ascribe to me, you put those words in my sentences, and those words are not there. ... I said, "The blind man sees what the blind man wants to see."


I see.
Not only does what you say make no sense, either figuratively or literally, but also my question still stands. What makes you so sure your vision is not clouded as well?

"I see."
In your context, says that you understand completely what I have said, and then, in your very next sentence, you say that I make no sense, "figuratively or literally."

Figuratively, I said you were blind, because you saw what you wanted to see in your prejudicial reading of my words, and not the unprejudiced reading of what my words actually were. ... You saw me saying, America, the Flag, and whatever. Where, in reality, all I had really said was, open your eyes and perceive without prejudice.

More to the point, regarding the plastic toys that lead children to believe crashing a plane into some buildings is ok, and to the people seeing those toys as inconsequential or just, "in bad taste."

Everyone has read about the straw that breaks the camels back. The toys are just straws. They are the first straws, not the final straw. After a while, the straws will build up, here a toy, elsewhere a 5 year old with a fake suicide bomb for Halloween, all the while, people laughing, thinking little, It adds up. In 10 years, one child in a hundred thousand children that played with the toy, will do the equivalent of flying a plane into a building. It may not be a building, or a plane, but it will destroy.

In that light, when you truly perceive a reality, be it based on false assumptions, flat out lies, or the unvarnished truth, you move in the direction of that belief, whatever it is. Once you have a belief, you justify, and reinforce your choice of reality by, as you did earlier for example, putting words in other peoples mouths that were not there.

I am not downplaying here the semantic danger of these toys, as I agree with you there, as well as the psychological processes and influences of "languages" on perception of "reality" as you so clearly explained. I am however calling you on your own prejudices and your apparent position that you perceive reality clearly.
No one likes to be told they are blind, including myself, and you I surmise. ;)

I perceive reality as I perceive it, as do you, and everyone else.

The one thing I try to do, is keep my mind open and not filter other peoples statements through my beliefs. I do not run what you say through my internal filter. I take what you say as your truth. We all have rights to our beliefs. ... I only ask that we look at what is being said, by whomever, from the left, from the right, or from the oblique, with an equally critical eye. Try to see why they are saying what they say.

So, with your critical eye, you question my reality, and what makes me choose my perception over another.

The answer to that is not very involved, not nuanced, but it is open to change with knowledge on a momentary basis. I listen to what is being said to me, and try to make sure the people I am talking to understand what I am saying. Sometimes there is communication, sometimes not. Sometimes, when there is no communication, it seems as if I am talking to a parrot, only bird lovers like talking to parrots. :-)

Jack Foster Mancilla - What's really tasteless about this toy is the color scheme. Why did they choose purple and brown? How unrealistic is that? Also, the plane is *way* out of scale with the buildings.

Mike - I'm also curious as to if that plane might snap off and become a choking hazard for smaller children. Does anyone know if there was an age range printed on the packaging?

Absolutely bizzare. Think of how a frenchman might see this. Why in the states do we think so polar about how others percieve us? We're just not getting it.

I don't think an American made these toys. They were shipped to America in bulk from overseas. The message I take away from the incident is this -- when someone in a position to pull a highly irresponsible and anti-social act has the opportunity do so, they will eventually do it. That's a bad sign for the prospects of long-term human survival.

Sean - Yeah, there's no age range, you're right! Also, there aren't any proof-of-purchase points to be earned. You should be able to cash in an accumulated number of p-o-p points for the Madrid train toy.

Look everyone after reading your response to the aftformentioned toy .. It doesn't matter what country you come from it doesn't matter what the color scheme is or the porportion size of the plane or what age group it was designed for..What matters is that we all seem to agree that it was in very bad taste to say the least that it was ever even taken off the drawing board and produced in the first place, what we need to remember here is all the lives that were lost and that America & the world will never be the same again.and we need to pray to our own God and ask that he give the world leaders common sence compassion and trust in fellow man.

Carrie Ann - I'm really sorry if I offended you at all. Perhaps I was trying too hard to take on a tongue-in-cheek attitude. You know, I was trying to lighten things up. Still, it's inappropriate to play upbeat pop music at a funeral. I agree with all your sentiments, of course. Most of it goes without saying. Take care.

Carrie Ann - There was one more thing I wanted to mention in my last comment, but I forgot to.

By refusing to take this issue seriously, I felt like I was taking power out of the hands of the jerk who conceived of the toy. No doubt, the designer realized many Americans would find the tasteless trinket very disturbing. By refusing to get bent out of shape, I felt as if I was acting defiantly against the scum-sucker. It's likely that we'll find out who the person was in the next few weeks.

Forgive my shallowness, but surely the point of this is that someone sympathetic to terrorists has been able to get these objects into the US food chain without being detected?

Looking to this thread after 2 years I would like to say:
are American Heroes Toys (things like GI JOE) not offensive when thousands of people died in IRAQ for an illegal war?
For me both, twintower toys and american soldiers toys are offensive... during Nuremberg toy fair an italian company even produced replica of the 2 Atomic Bombs kindly dropped on Japan when the war was pratically over?
Capitalism should let people choose: if that 14.000 WTC candy toys would have sold out in american market, would it have been a problem?!
Business and Oil are the centers of our oil based economy. A war for oil is not so bad, a war to destroy the only, non integralist government in Arabia is simply stupid...

Another year later, and I'm LMAO. Jack Foster Mancilla, do you still see "blind liberalism" as the 'threat'? I as read your absurd nonsense, I was also wondering (LONG before reading Frankie's post) why these were so offensive, yet GI Joe, et al, go unmentioned - in an era where the US Gov't "protects" its citizenry by burning the faces off of innocent children with White Phosphorous.

Say what? That mental image make you sick?'s not an IMAGE - it's reality. As long as idiots (or, more likely, worse) like Jack "blindly" follow the liars, crooks, and worse who are very actively destroying the US (ie, the BUSH Administration), while calling those who would save it "blind liberals", the US holds no hope of peace. Continue electing those of the sword to lead you, and you'll eventually die by the sword.

Those with such thinly-veiled motives prove, once again, M. Scott Peck's words: "Those who don't know what they're doing cause very little harm in this world. The true evil in this world is caused by those who know EXACTLY what they are doing."

AQ didn't produce this toy; some clown did. No one's going to repeat 911 tomorrow because these toys were produced. Jack Foster Mancilla is nowhere NEAR as innocuous. "Blind liberals" - LMAO. I WISH your problem was, simply. the inability to see. NO, Jack, YOU are the very type M. Scott was referring to - AND the reason I'm both proud AND happy to be an American EX-PAT.

I DO wish to distance myself from Frankie's final sentence, BTW. "A war for oil is not so bad...." - O.M.G. So it's OK for us to steal over nations' oil? Is it OK, then, if they steal the US' oil?

An America that at least attempted to wean itself from its addiction to cheap energy wouldn't be so bad. A war for oil IS INDEED "so bad."

Talk about blind. America's belief in its devinely-inspired superiority will be it's downfall.