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I still can't see the George W Bush site from Japan. I wonder if the Japanese are blocking Bush or Bush is blocking Japan... ;-)

via Jim


you're not allowed to buy my vote anyway, joi. just sit back and accept your new world order.

tcptraceroute ( should help solve that mystery. I'm interested in what you'd find.

Well, I can traceroute and even ping the site. The web page just doesn't load.

Same here in Australia, Joi. Getting timeouts on the TCP request to port 80. But it works fine via a server in the US. Curious.

Japan would be smart to block Bush and I wouldn't put it past Bush to block Japan.

works for me from singapore. could just be a temporary problem with their IIS.

See works well for me from Tokyo now. (August 28, 10:25am)

Any change???

Still doesn't work for me. Strange.

If I was a network security guy at, I'd be very vigilant (and perhaps a bit paranoid) right now. Maybe they took some extra security measures that resulted in an unintentional exclusion of some viewers? Sorry. It's hard for me not to assume the worst about the Bush campaign.

Didn't work for me yesterday, but it works for me now. I'm not sure though that it made me any happier...

Don't worry, you don't miss a thing. The Bush gang probably messed their own site up, like they do with everything.

I can only access it through a US-based proxy. I sent a quick email to the general address asking about it, but I'm not really expecting a reply.

The RNC and the GWB sites areindeed blocking some IPs from Japan and probably other places. I can see it at work but not at home. I use Exodus/Global Online at home.

To avoid DDoS attacks from Asian countries (and others as well!) some IP ranges are blacklisted from the Bush site. :-$ Shhh!

Not surprising you can get it from england, but you are not missing anything, it`s not even funny.

Either they have made it US (and US friendly only) or its being attacked.

its also blocked for new zealanders.. atleast all the ones ive asked to try the site

Also Europe is blocked... not very surprising this coming from Bush. As if he ever cared about the world outside the US (except countries with oil).

its also blocked for dutch people. Asked a number of people to try and they couldn't reach it

Swedens blocked to. And on a sidenote dc++ latest release notes includes that europe is unable to acces the site and "Then again bush agenda has never been about freedom of speech" ^^.

Also Finland is blocked out.

Why would he/they do this?

Because they are dumb maybe ?

If u use ip number
or make a connection with
you can acces it.

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts."

-Bertrand Russell

blocked from Russia 2.

im russian and most of my friends are too :D
we still cant see site from russian and some western countries and some of east europe cant access site.
bush just dont want the rest of the world see all this circus :P
aggitation and all this BS :D

They still don't get any smarter, if you try to acces it with https:// you now get redirected to georgeWbush instead of georgebush, and then you get a access denied. If you loose the W you're in. In belgium anyway,

Deja Moo: The feeling that you've heard this bull before.

It's blocked for the entire world except the U.S. because of an earlier DoS attack.

Apparently only US can see the site. So why a .com ? should be a .us


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