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Since I can't get onto the GW site, I guess I have to settle for the site. The NRO?

National Reconnaissance Office
The NRO designs, builds and operates the nation's reconnaissance satellites. NRO products, provided to an expanding list of customers like the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Department of Defense (DoD), can warn of potential trouble spots around the world, help plan military operations, and monitor the environment.

As part of the 14-member Intelligence Community, the NRO plays a primary role in achieving information superiority for the U. S. Government and Armed Forces.

So what is NROjr? It's a "A fun site to engage children in the wonders of science, math and space in a fun and interactive manner," brought to you by the NRO. (Make sure you have your sound turned on to enjoy the full experience. And all this time I thought Ernie actually worked for Sesame Street... although I guess he was recently heard singing Orkutworld.)

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No U.S proxy boxy joi?

use coderman's.

The "Stories:My Family" section, with claimed children's writings read by adults, is a bit creepy. From "Proud to be an American" (note the god-use on a .gov site!)

I have my teachers, my friend, my pet, my toys my home, and my family.
I have God to watch over me.
I love America.
I love being me.

Yipes: "God to watch over me"? Hooray for omniscient things that watch over us?
Can't imagine why a spy-satellite service would want to spread this

um. most military-connected organizations are full of patriots and traditional types. many are christians. probably almost all... to most of them, this is just part and parcel of america, apple pie, etc...

it's not indoctrination, it's just a natural expression of the culture in these places...

BTW, I got my Top Secret/Secure Compartmentalized Information clearance and was actually briefed at the NRO. ;) Never actually worked for them after that though. But I did learn that they do very cool things. ;)

At least someone in the government is encouraging the study of science. With how our students lag behind Chinese, Indian, and European students, you would think the government might hold parades in the streets that glorify and advocate the sciences. You know, really cheer it on and sex it up; make Jonas Salk the hero instead of Kobe Bryant. Gotta get the kids turned on somehow. Alas, the mechanics of reality just aren't sexy enough. Let's watch elimidate or American Idol instead.

Of course, the beauty of this is that the kids who actually get the science under their belts will rebel against the religious notions of the NRO. Even if they want to believe in their Government's God, they'll realize that desire on it's own simply isn't enough to justify a starry-eyed romance with an invisible lover.

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