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Skype for Mac is out. Yay!


Wow, thanks for telling me. I just got a Vonage because I needed a "regular" phone number for travel overseas, but I'm definitely excited about trying this out.

I haven't used it yet (have to get a SkypeOut account) but it looks pretty simple. I think once they get POTS numbers assigned to Skype users than it is all over (or do they do that already?)

hooked it up and called my cel (couldn't think of anyone awake at this hour). flawless.

Took me a bit to get it figured out that you had to use a + sign to make calls. Working now. Just have to find some people to call. Kind of like 20 years ago when you called and said "I'm talking to you cordless!" Now it's "I'm talking to you over the net."

No need to get a SkypeOut account. Simply send an email to your friends and tell them about Skype, then authorize each other's contacts, and talk for FREE. Think voice IM.

Chat for free (audio and video) is already a feature of Apple's iChat/AoL so Skype wasn't really that big of a deal. It's the Skypeout functions that make it a step above what we currently have. I'm enjoying that to no end today with some calls to the UK and Hong Kong (pretty good quality today).

Now I've got to go get a headset.

The big deal would be that its as far as I can tell the first cross-platform IM, iChat (OSX) and AOL-IM (PC) don't talk to each other, Yahoo on OSX doesn't do voice (only video); MSN on Mac doesn't even try. None of the third party IM tools (e.g. Fire) seem to do voice. At least now with Skype you can talk to people on PC's.

Now all they have to do is fix SkypeOut's billing system so that I can call landlines in the US, it just rejected two credit cards of mine, and their Sales-person seems to think its down...

Norah: We are working to improve our Payment Processing system with our billing partner. Currently there is nothing else we can do to solve this issue. me: Any idea when it will be fixed? I'd like to be using it, Norah: Within a period of a week me: ok - great, I look forward to trying it. Norah: Unfortunately that facility is not available at this moment. Stay tuned to for new developments and updates Norah: We are sorry for any inconveniencies.

SkypeOut seems to work rather well. I used to work with Nikotel4Mac but this one is better and (cheaper). I did not use P2P yet.
Is there actually anybody who has cross-platform experience with iChat/AOL in vdeo conferencing. I hear a lot of people talking about it, but never met somebody who uses it...

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